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What is Miller time

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for the first time, "Miller time" is the May 7, 1995 was born on this day, was the first Eastern Conference semifinals in 1995, the Pacers and Knicks twists are energetically, when the Pacers Knicks six points behind, and only 8.9 seconds of game , according to ordinary people to judge the Pacers certain death, but Miller had to break the routine, he first hit a third ball and then in their backcourt stole the ball from the Knicks quickly brought Daoqian Chang long shot scores again, this time Indiana will be surprised to tie it 105-105 level, at this time Miller has forced the Knicks foul, he hits all the help the Pacers made two free throws with 2 minutes and beat opponents.

Mention Miller's one-third of the ball, most people think, "Miller time", the game is often the last few seconds time of Miller's proprietary. The Eastern Conference semifinals in 1995, first, the adversary is the Knicks. The last 8.9 seconds, Miller hit consecutive two-third, scored eight points to help the Pacers NBA history to complete the most amazing comeback. 1998 Eastern Conference Finals Game 4, in Jordan, under the close defense, Miller, 0.7 seconds remaining when the third hit the ball standing jump, the rate of Pacers defeat into victory.

1995 NBA Eastern Conference semifinals first games against both the New York Knicks & Indiana, there are 18.7 seconds at a distance race when the Knicks by 105 to 99 lead. Indiana then serve the ball into the hands of Miller, who at a distance of 16.4 seconds when the race there is one-third of hit.

The next round, Knicks tee, Miller judged the passing lanes, and off the next ball and immediately went flying at three-point line, shooting hit. Equalized!

Followed by the attack is not the Knicks, but also Miller, grabbing rebounds, and then foul the Knicks, Miller hit two free throws all!



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