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Practical tactics basketball half-court 3V3

God to surpass men2010-03-04 23:10:54 +0000 #1
3V3 winter there is under the game and I want to ask the students what the tactics suited to please pointing

I 176 55KG shooting the ball a good ability to stabilize the organization to move a breakthrough in the general good bounce rebounding in general

students 1:179 65KG bounce can be a good fast break deduction strong ability to stabilize the organization in general point shot good rebounding ability

students 2:173 70KG good ball bounce poor shooting in general is strong rebounding ability to super-basket scoring ability

students 3:174 50KG shot quasi-normal and stable bouncing ball rebounding ability to the general good organizational skills with the general

hyc638553702010-03-04 23:20:17 +0000 #2
not to mention what the tactics, to the floor you do not do to remind


comment on several of the screens for each other to do more

2 when there are strengths to be selfless when Jean his own singles, and to create enough space for him that opened the far point of

3 grab rebounds when the attention of people

4 do not worry too block out three-point line when clean, the other goals, you have to serve in the circle (This error is probably a waste of pains)

5 Do not injured, just a game
blue sky the color of2010-03-04 23:55:33 +0000 #3
the body so well simply use a little surprise on the line of

points, setting screens for shooting, is the use of the advantages of shooting on the line of a stable

such as 1 and 2 hit the basket with a hard drive a food, retreating defensive opponent out of the on sub-investment or long shot

Or, you're not there to do quasi-three shots on the outside placed third, another two people get rebounds, three individuals for a vote , from time to time to drive a crane, there are hits and physical play on a variety of good
bury the dignity2010-03-05 00:13:29 +0000 #4
Provincial body good pick and rolls, shooting quasi-Duty shooter
wwwwwwsh2010-03-05 00:28:08 +0000 #5
can suddenly break through to the other defense contract, and then rumored to the shooter, and the other Chong grab plates
lianmccc2010-03-04 23:37:45 +0000 #6
Students 1 (4) pass to the students 3 (5), they immediately get rid of rivals to cut into the basket, then the students 3 (5) coming from the ball basket
ability to write eight states2010-03-05 01:16:51 +0000 #7
shelled ah, like the sun to learn from your team is still considerable potential

shelling Pareto slap or two outside screens for an outside line, but with no one inside lane into the fight ... ...

There you have to increase organizational capacity to do the one you can play all-around guard
handsome guy Tripitaka2010-03-05 02:11:36 +0000 #8
176 55KG you are shooting the ball better ability to stabilize the organization to move a breakthrough in the general good jumping ability in general rebounds 3V3

Basically, no organization, and depend on individual ability to play, but Yao Da Ext. Screens for shooting ah, these are the basic skills to use.

Shelled 3V3 is not supported.

I analyzed the four of you students, can play inside, the height is not enough. He had to inside, giving the break-point play inside scoring, and then fixed-point cast, to a chance to score for the purpose.

No chance to score, recycling.
Sub-days Jane2010-03-05 01:28:09 +0000 #9
play center for students to a student 2 students 3 point guard reserve shooting guard for you and your fellow students to form three pairs of guards to protect a rebound by the students and to coordinate the students three shots, coordinate your break



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