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Brooks powerful rockets nba team do? ?

Dwyer Nedved2010-03-04 23:11:08 +0000 #1
Ask you to say a few words !!!!
294,981,5372010-03-04 23:13:14 +0000 #2
personal ability is better, the ball good, fast, shooting accurately, but the team has been a lack of awareness.
s57517832010-03-04 23:45:26 +0000 #3
厉害 a hair! Is not without star players he would not do
Battle Yu Zheng days2010-03-05 00:03:58 +0000 #4
OK bar is also regarded as a speed back
ljchove2010-03-05 00:16:42 +0000 #5
breakthrough and one-third of capacity is still possible, ah the ball, but his defense, scoring a crucial moment capacity (often nervous knife type), meaning the team is quite bad! -
Zhazha 02182010-03-05 01:14:53 +0000 #6
feces Package 1
Xiaohao Musou2010-03-04 23:47:59 +0000 #7
ball good, fast, shooting accurately, but the team has been a lack of awareness.
tuv66363062010-03-05 01:50:49 +0000 #8
personal ability is better, the ball low business
csgudu2010-03-05 01:10:23 +0000 #9
good individual ability, team awareness of poor! Overall, very general bar
guqinyun2010-03-05 00:41:31 +0000 #10
Sometimes, too much of himself as a god. .
After the rain no rainbow2010-03-05 00:45:49 +0000 #11
Brooks selected the top ten fastest guard in 2009, was once considered to be Iverson's successor.

After all, not very tall young man still have to rely on speed to break through 啦.

Ball sense is also very good, said Brooks is best not to steal the ball, because he seems to attack the three individuals at the same time can also be passed.

Simply, and now the injured Yao Ming gave Brooks a chance to show, after all, only a 3 year life, but optimistic about the future of Brooks.

To his NBA future in the long one where a good smash, small cloth it is necessary to strengthen body resistance capability, psychological qualities and team spirit.

Believe that in the near future, have a quick little one back, and slowly entered the people's visual eye, fuel, small cloth!
Li Yangyang Li Yangyang2010-03-05 00:16:56 +0000 #12
can also be a second-class defender to play good times and bad, but he's very fast



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