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96 golden generation needs a detailed description and the Comments

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RT Cheung introduced the more the better
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brief span of 10 years to rush passage of time, when children are young and fit of the Maotouxiaohuo who has now become an The mainstay of the team by doing my part, and the entire NBA join forces within the Union do anything. When recalled the 96-year term and far-reaching draft that event, people could not help but be filled with emotion. New Horizons in the same session, several people have made their places certain uncommon, but like a rookie this 96 scenes of the collective to create a big scene is almost unprecedented. First, let us take a look at this year brought us what superstar -

1, Kobe Bryant, Lakers

This is a call for heroes, while Bryant turned out to just a single field 81 minutes to meet people's needs. From January 22, 2006 On this day, the Bryant's historical position is unassailable, "night" for him, Jordan is no longer an unattainable goal. Braved the "youngest, Mr. 16,000 points," the halo, with three championship diamond ring, eight-time All-Star starter, the best team and best defensive team regulars ... ... a series of heavy honor people behind it, in addition to with the "myth" to describe Bryant accomplished all that can explain this?

2, Allen Iverson, 76ers 10 years ago, the 76ers choice is regarded as a bold gamble, 10 years after the "answer" has become a symbol of Philadelphia's city. Then "I'm not afraid of Michael Jordan!" Declaration of ringing in the ears, but now he also needs to meet the cutting-edge in the game were challenges. As NBA history as the most stunted MVP, Allen Iverson was completed in 10 years from rebellious youth to the national hero's metamorphosis, the Athens Olympic Games bronze medal podium holding an air saw it moved the entire United States.

3, Steve Nash, Suns

When the "crazy boss" and Mark Cuban in the summer of 2004 decided to give up Steve Nash, he never expected, this is already into the 30 "old age" of the point guard went so far as can in the alliance launched a bigger storm. 04-05 season, the "Solar Cyclone" achieved a Steve Nash, he became the first four league history to point guard won the MVP trophy as the players justifiably snatching a "coalition of the first guard" label.

4, Ray Allen, Seattle

precious photo goes on in the year, the Allen sat quietly in the corner, but the forehead between the murderous but that kind of proudly aggressive. He was based in Milwaukee, a "Three Musketeers" and leader, and then again in supersonic single-handedly created a miracle out of dark horse. 5 session of the All-Star, 2001 Three-Point Shootout title, "Four Dreams Team" members of the ... ... While not earth-shattering, but enough to Xiongbayifang.

5, Jermaine O'Neal, Pacers

once played the youngest NBA player in history, however, O'Neal is Portland's four-year time only confirms the "Arrested Development" phrase idioms, but fortunately, after he moved Indiana , he finally used his actual performance of shattered people's suspicions and accusations against him. Prior to joining the Pacers after the second season, he took out close to "20-10" report card, won the 01-02 year of the Most Improved Player trophy, and then re-elected to four All-Star to become the most Eastern Conference deterrent, one of the inside star.

6, Stephen Marbury, the Knicks last season,

if not shouted, "I best in the world," the obscurity, Marbury is far from the body carries the blame so much as now. The guard seems to-day lives of individual guilty of Lone Star, his debut was a gift from the people of a "Baixinho" label, has eventually finding Minnesota, New Jersey and Phoenix, until you return home in New York continued to be the spokesman for the world as selfish, but the superior skills of individuals is indeed undeniable. 2001 All-Star Game and the 2004 Olympic Games, it was Stephon Marbury and Allen Iverson Spear Qi-fa, only the achievements of the Eastern Star team and the USA Basketball team's big reversal good show.

It is worth mentioning that the year Ben Wallace did not look to the General Assembly of the draft, but he eventually as a free agent in 96 years, then joined the Washington Bullets team, if the three " Best Defensive Player "also count, 96 of the fineness of gold a generation will no doubt be even more impressive!

This world will never be "perfect" word, Kobe Bryant, Allen Iverson, and Nash and others exist, it does not mean that 96 "golden generation" have every person in the full fineness. Kobe Bryant was only until the 13th, picking up a big Lakers cheap, in his front, including Kittles, Dampier, and 萨马基沃克 and others are "well-known, in fact difficult to vice." Finally, let us re-examine the then rookie lottery to see exactly who the fish in -

1, Lorenzen Wright (No. 7), the Grizzlies

NBA teams are always strong inside Fever the pursuit of an object, in the draft of the General Assembly, as long as you have the height and weight at the same time, OK, on the bar waiting to pen contract. Clippers team being No. 7 overall pick, after Wright's performance has been mediocre faint, the best rookie performance in the first 3 years of nothing but averaged 9.0 points and 8.8 rebounds, I really should be a "tasteless, abandoned Unfortunately, the "old saying. Stood Bryant, Nash will not vote for such a talented player, you want to select such a hard the muscles of the stick at National Cheng Kung device, we can see the election of 1998 champion Michael Olowokandi did not missed a moment.

2, Corey Kittles (No. 8), has retired

If Kittles could take the time to watch more video of Hamilton, his career probably would not be so mediocre. The shapely, the cast precision shooting guard during his rookie season on the field can get 16.4 points and 1.91 steals per game, but then has been downhill ,04-05 season, the Clippers played only 11 games, was swept out of the door only scored 6.3 points per game, a total of just seven and a half seasons playing on the depressed and out of basketball. At that time the Nets had to give up Kobe for him, and now seems to only be interpreted as Laoyanhunhua.

3, 萨马基沃克 (No. 9), unemployed in the

Walker is simply a thick version of the Swift, he was awful rough offensive technology, in addition to the basket and dunk, and will have no outside investment and rub cricket scores means of defense is always abruptly, often foul play can not end a few minutes. The most successful of his career for some time in the Lakers, when he was two seasons of 136 games won 102 regular-season games starting opportunities, but the average data only "5-5", but good news followed by OK Portfolio soiled light, a 96 th pick the top 10 only one wearing a diamond ring championship player. People can not help wondering: Walker, Bryant is 96 with the generation gap between gnaw on it so much!

4, Erick Dampier (No. 10), Mavericks

that Dampier, people will naturally think of his remarks of "I am a second center," the rhetoric, however, re-arming of boastful, over the pages of statistics must Luxian. Dampier's glittering career in the 03-04 season, when he averaged scoring 12.3 points and 12.0 rebounds, and 1.85 blocked shots per game, sending confused that Mavericks owner Mark Cuban spell-binding, has spent a considerable price only then, he incurred under its command, the believe they have found a magic weapon to deal with O'Neill's Fuji did not expect this "second center" soon betrays itself, whether it's Yao Ming, Tim Duncan or Kevin Garnett, everyone can beat him into a sieve.

5, Tuodefule (No. 11), has disappeared

Fowler, Who are you? The vast majority of fans will be very confused on this issue, it is not surprising, as early as 01-02 to play before the season has not yet opened, the center height of 2 meters 11, has been phased out of the NBA on track. Has played for the Warriors, Jazz, Hornets and Miami and other teams five years, Fowler made a total of only 18 times prior experience, averaging just 3.7 points and 3 rebounds.

6, Vitaly Potapenko (No. 12), Sacramento 10 years ago, the international status of the players is far not been so high, but the Cavaliers are willing to defy world opinion and to select the Ukrainian people , we can see the potential for Vitaly Potapenko was shown how amazing. But now seems, can only say that his Cleveland Cavaliers selected eyes is problematic. In Potapenko 10-year career, he only managed to reach the 99-00 season, scoring 10 points this season, averaging 2.8 points.

In the NBA this big stage, not everyone has the opportunity to stand on the stage of the most central, accepted the cheers of the fans and the pursuit of Peoples. For more players, they can only unknown and doing their work in one or two momentary flash in the pan, and then was forgotten by the world in an unknown corner. In the 96 years of the "golden generation", the same lack of success supporting players, "Mr. 0.4 seconds," Fisher is the most well-known one of the representatives. Next, let's Rookie of the year in the number of origin "model bit-part player" -

1, Derek Fisher, Golden State Warriors

When the Lakers in 96 years, while Bryant and Derek Fisher to move into the team when They did not expect the latter to the former, as did Rounds. At the time the Lakers seems that Fisher simply is a "small fish." Contrary to all expectation, however, that in a number of years after that if certain than this "fish" at a critical screening frequently sudden Shi Leng Jian, OK combination of fear has long been humiliating, not to mention the "three consecutive years," Supremacy of. Pairs of a role player for eight-year career, get to the playoffs every year, 4 degrees into the finals, won the overall championship trophy three degrees, are there any regrets?

2, Malik Rose, Knicks

Rose until the second round of the No. 44 overall pick was only selected, and later spread false rumors of height, but in the Spurs championship team in 2003 during the height of only 2.01 meters behind the thick forward Tim Duncan is the most powerful insider Jiang Yuan. Although the height is limited, but Ross has a perfect storm basket technology, "disrupted the battle," the effort more be called terrible. In the San Antonio Spurs in the history of all the players, Ross 73 playoff appearances through ranks No. 4.

3, 杰罗姆威廉姆斯, retired

for Williams, the playing field is a battlefield, as long as he jumped up from the bench, was placed on the pitch coach, he would fight to the basket with the opponent in the end, this is his "junkyard dog" reputation come reason. Pistons career four and a half has taught Williams how to death-defying defense, surfaced soon after joined the Raptors to become one of the most intractable inside hatchetman. The only regrettable that the always cautious and conscientious of the "junkyard dog" eventually was hit by the New York Knicks with "amnesty clause" swept out the door.

4, 穆奇诺里斯, Hornets

Norris always eye-catching inside and outside the court, but he relies not on extraordinary skills, but always makes surprise hairstyle and dress. Although there has been endured, "paid low-energy" in infamy, but the Norris every one, the total can quickly win the hearts and minds of fans to become the bench of the "best mascot." A backup to do this realm, I am afraid that in the entire NBA this one alone. However, Norris also has a proud proud record, he played in 274 consecutive games, active players in the ranks No. 4.

5, 托尼德尔克, the Pistons to 10 years for the 8 club, in every place is like a passer-by, I never truly integrated into local life. Delk at the university has been known for scoring ability, but only 1.88 meters tall, can only be changed into the NBA after playing point guard, the embarrassing position of National Cheng Kung University determines that his device is difficult. But for the 525 regular-season starter only chance to get 103 players for January 2, 2001 will certainly never forget - he was that day's game away to the Kings scored 53 points in one!

6, Jeff McInnis, Nets

the second round No. 37 overall was only Denver's fancy, but was soon fired, and only the Greek league were removed from a period of time, then return to the the North American continent playing the CBA league, until 99 January was only Wizards re-recall NBA. Soon after, McInnis fired again doom, only with the Clippers have signed two 10-day contract, it is after all a foothold again in the NBA League. Since then, he turned the corner, in the Clippers last season, playing 14.6 points, 6.2 assists performance, followed by the "little emperors" James side to successfully play the role of the right-hand man.

96 years, New Horizons has been able to be recognized as the world "golden generation", not only because this term only emerged out of rookie Kobe Bryant, Allen Iverson, and so super-class star, but also because, including Peja Stojakovic, Walker and Zydrunas Ilgauskas and several other players have gradually a firm foothold in their respective teams into the league as an indispensable cornerstone of building teams. Next, let us examine each count in the 96 generation, "the cornerstone of the team" class players -

1, Peja Stojakovic, Pacers

for the marksman from Europe who, in the killing one NBA arena is simply worth a stroll, his actions will always be less elegant, but because of the back of a "weak" in infamy. Three-time All-Star, two times ,03-04, Wang won the third season, and even expected to win any MVP trophies! Due to the presence of Peja Stojakovic, Chris Webber "King of the King" status was shaking, we can only end up exile.

2, Marcus Camby, the Nuggets

If it is not a "glass" and the title of lingering, rookie Marcus Camby in the status of this term should be higher than now, at least, with the "second place show "identity match. Never-ending injury to Marcus Camby cope with their owners or, failing that, by virtue of "blocked shots" of the title and the first NBA Finals experience, the gap between him and Allen Iverson will not like the way it is. It is worth mentioning is that Marcus Camby this season, the first 3 months, are "rebounding," but unfortunately - he was injured.

3, Shareef Abdul - Rahim, the Kings

Rahim is a truly a "tragic figure", although the perennial stability of the data in the "20-10" level, worked in ash bears, eagles and Portland and other teams have been a point guard, has been elected All-Star, but the war to today fought a total of 723 regular-season games, but the delay could not pierce the playoffs this layer of the windows of paper, the only worthwhile boast of the honor is only 2000 Olympic gold medal rocket.

4, Antoine Walker, Miami

"Pan Toutuo" Walker in the NBA has a unique path across the, he was once touted as the following Pippen after the "new organization forward," with Pierce saying "Boston Gemini" , in the league appears to be rising. Lang Walker, however, two-thirds vote of the hobby, as well as each can only send 0.6 blocked shots in the embarrassment that can not be tolerated, even maverick coach Nelson, but also ultimately Walker loudly say no. He could only way displaced, made fun of the world degenerating into a "comedian."

5, Zhadeluna Si Yier Gesikasi, Cleveland Cavaliers center and 21 century was the era of scarcity, taking into account the 96 generation, the lack of pure inside, the existence of the Lithuanian center is all the more precious . Zydrunas Ilgauskas offensive means rich, but also able to rely on the height of 2.21 meters and build a solid barrier in the inside. He was twice elected to the All-Star, but also has won the 1998 rookie tournament MVP. Yao once said that he fears most three European centers, Sabonis and Divac had been retired, the only one still active is the "Big Z".

No one can know the future, it dropped to No. 13 BryantBit is not unacceptable. Although history can not be tampered with, but Thinking back, we are fully necessary for the year's 96 golden generation had to reschedule a seating, first of all, let's take a look at the U.S. Association of NBA fans discharged in 2003, the "96 generation to re-rank" (pre-10 bit) -

1, Allen Iverson (1), -, votes 32.4%

2, Kobe Bryant (13), ↑, votes 28.9%

3, Ray Allen (5), ↑, the vote rate of 9.4%

4, Antoine Walker (6), ↓, votes 8.7%

5, Stephon Marbury (4), ↓, votes 6.2%

6, Jermaine O'Neill (17), ↑, the vote rate of 6.2%

7, Shareef Abdul - Rahim (3), ↓, votes 4.1%

8, Steve Nash (15), ↑, the vote rate of 2.3%

9, Peja Stojakovic (14), ↑, the vote rate of 1.7%

10, Corey Kittles (8), ↓, the vote rate of 0.9%

Now go back look at this list, we can not help but laughing. Walker has now reduced to become Miami's role players, while Kittles is eliminated early by the Union. 10 Our Time is like fleeting, we may wish to 96 golden generation in the past 10 years, based on overall performance, re-give the most accurate draft pick (top 10):

1, Kobe Bryant (13), ↑

2, Allen Iverson (1), ↓

3, Steve Nash (15), ↑

4, Jermaine O'Neal (17), ↑

5, Ray Allen ( 5), -

6, Stephon Marbury (4), ↓

7, Peja Stojakovic (14), ↑

8, Marcus Camby (2), ↓

9 , Shareef Abdul - Rahim (3), ↓

10, Zhadeluna Si Yier Gesikasi (20), ↑

Finally, let us selected 96 golden generation of the best team :

Forwards: Jermaine O'Neal + Peja Stojakovic. Inside the small Austrian rattling in the goals, Peja Stojakovic in the outside remote shells, this Pacers striker combination of both luxury and practical at the same time, opponents are afraid of any trade-off.

Defenders: Kobe + Iverson. In the USA Basketball team's performance looks pretty has proven that as long as he wishes, he could have qualified the role of point guard, while Bryant's ability to score in no way inferior to the year of the Jordan. At the same time, two players were known for tenacious defense, so both offensive and defensive backcourt, the Ling Duishou every offensive and defensive are frightened.

Center: Marcus Camby. As long as the guarantee healthy, Camby is like a tiger in the basket down the mountain in general, move forward and attack, retreat and defend one hand and a stable mid-range jumper was also able to force the other side pulling air inside center, Bryant and Allen Iverson to a good cut into space for the creation of a breakthrough .

Sixth Man: Nash. Have both a broad vision and consummate ball court skills, but also can be provided at a critical moment for the team score, the existence of Nash is no doubt this team for the installation of a "double insurance."
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