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You tube real pairs of sneakers to help recommend extra points,

I thank you oh2010-03-05 02:11:44 +0000 #1
I am underweight, playing guard, and more able to bounce, break jumper has.

Candidate: ZOOM LEBRON 5 ¥ 480

ZOOM KOBE 3 ¥ 550

ANSWER 10 ¥ 700 (Black Gold color)

TS LIGHTNING CREATOR ¥ 500 of these are in the discounted state ..

I hit concrete, more relentless parade ZOOM LBJ AMBASSADOR have been exposed at the end of the .....
fklaile2010-03-05 02:13:38 +0000 #2
I have Less than 178,120 pounds to play guard, but let's similarity in characteristics, so to share my experience under

ZOOM LEBRON 5 too much weight, but does not look good (personal opinion)

ZOOM KOBE 3 super do not wear / do not recommend

ANSWER 10 core technologies Pump2. 0 to provide the perfect package at the same time play a cushioning role, drawback is that cushioning the result is not satisfactory, the former palm too thin, outer end can not be played outside the field, too hot, gas-tight. And Pump2.0 a long time, and certainly bad, then the shoes performance also greatly reduced.

TS LIGHTNING CREATOR good Jiaogan and consistent wear Adi "Adi wear NIKE shoes generally lower than the" Recommended! Recommendations Louzhu Zaiqu shoes look real evaluation, a lot of long-winded than I am, ha ha

then recommend two pairs of Zoom Soldier III (Wu Tai-hao wearing Zoom Soldier III AP sharp button at the Championships on Ha Seung-Jin) (James is also the weight of the lightest shoes in the series a pair) and the DREAM SEASON (kobe training shoes) have a real recommendation, Naicao!

give you such a small advice, we have chosen the shoes, the first consideration should be the shoes right foot parcels, especially the ankle because of injury will be serious impact on our running, jumping ability, you know, under the feet of people around the Wei Guo, I know how important -
ray121303162010-03-05 02:22:14 +0000 #3
no matter what brand, look at 3:00. A sole, moderate hardness 2: Mat is not very good elasticity, 3. Comfort

3:00 to meet, like to wear anything else, especially cement, and to be flexible pad Do not be small,



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