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Recommendation to me a few star adidas boots

FLY Shadow 灬steve2010-03-05 05:10:21 +0000 #1
best guard or small before (which is not a training shoe boots, nor is it Team shoes)

trouble you to re-introduce the performance of your shoes recommended, thank you
l4dalong2010-03-05 05:21:19 +0000 #2
Billups series of basketball shoes TS Cut Creator (guard only)

upper provides both a high degree of comfort and convenient location of the ankle need protection, but also for such a guard like Billups to provide sufficient flexibility to sex.

Shoes uppers used in the same exquisite fabrics, the road version of the dark, will the use of suede material, the Department will use the home's light-colored leather material.

Shoes soles are also breathable setting, sole charge of the Office of the TPU containing breeze ClimaCool technology, so let TS Cut Creator reached an all-round ventilation effect.

Hind paw into the Formotion's "ground control systems," so that the players in the shoes cut into the process a smooth and floor echo will not affect the player's technical movement. In addition, forefoot adiPRENE + is also equipped with shock technology, so that the former palm faster reaction, and so guard their superiority over an adversary that is able to break through the first step.
1 broken pants o2010-03-05 05:58:09 +0000 #3
Chicago that guy what to call his good shoes
sx2333982010-03-05 06:03:51 +0000 #4
Dwight - Howard, Kevin Garnett, Tracy McGrady, Duman good, that is the price of your points,



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