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Long-distance running when the heel the better or Buzhuo to good?

wyc4762729702010-03-05 07:10:44 +0000 #1

125,309,1312010-03-05 07:26:23 +0000 #2
sprint is to concentrate to the toe,

while the marathon course, from the cis to the former toe heels, and to stick to heels first, and then to the toe Shun Fa Li.

because it is not only a kinds of slow stretch, but also helps to run a more relaxed,

but also did not like using his toes to run effortlessly,

long distance endurance sports when the general body coordination and upper body movement to relax the high degree of demand.

If you are .... to run it with the toe injury that could be time to blame I did not remind you oh -

way affect your running speed, bad method also vulnerable to injuries Oh!

so make sure you pay attention to the estimated ...

regular exercise is not the bar -


加油 ...

more exercise, the body Well,
, but exercise caution injuries,

especially now that winter, the warming-up, if not do open the case, but is very easy to strain ligaments Oh ...

hmshuai1232010-03-05 07:23:17 +0000 #3
It depends on what you wear spiked shoes to wear shoes

Another good general Buzhuo to run regardless of the long jump is the first toes touch the ground
XO-ZOU Kai2010-03-05 07:23:04 +0000 #4
nonsense. Very tired also,. . . .



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