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Mavericks into the playoffs next season 3 good enough? ?

Milky Way2010-01-22 08:01:09 +0000 #1
With Ma Ying-jeou and the significant increase in combat Gooden calf. West is a problem the first 3 do
Helix Nebula2010-01-22 08:06:22 +0000 #2
The first three estimates are able to enter the west, and according to strength, the West in the first three should be the Lakers, Spurs, Trail Blazers these three teams, which are the three internally and externally to the.

Then, Sir, Dallas, Denver, New Orleans it is hard to say who is four teams better.

Los Angeles Lakers Trevor Ariza replaced by Ron Artest, outside there is no loss of defense, attack stronger its position.

The Spurs got to the Jefferson and Antonio McDyess, internal and external line is almost perfect.

Pioneers ushered Andre - Miller, not only make up for deficiencies on PG, but also a higher level outside attack and defense, plus the thickness of the bench can be with the Lakers, Spurs fight.

Hornets in exchange for a boxer with a better offensive and defensive Okafor, starting lineup better, reserve team weaker.

Nuggets Although the loss of Ke Leizha, but there is hope to sign Hughes and Maikan Ci, so that increasing the strength.

Jazz lineup itself is relatively stable, decent power, last season the Lakers lost to the wind the ball relative to g is simply dead.

Therefore, despite an increase in horsepower and the Mavericks Gooden, still difficult to enter the first three, as compared with the other three teams, but is nearly tied.
Great General Arenas2010-01-22 08:45:21 +0000 #3
I think the Mavericks next season, 40% chance into the first three; champion this year, the effectiveness of the Clippers is also very likely into the first three, reaching 30%; another 23% reserved for pioneers; I support the Thunder this young Army is very likely to give unexpected results, to give it 5% bar; the remaining 2% reserved for the Hornets.

In general, if the Mavericks can be reinforced center (or the Arabian Nights called Dirk playing center), then "Nowitzki + Marion + Howard + Terry + Kidd" This portfolio is worth visiting, replacement is also There Gooden, Barea, Dampier, etc. Owen, into the first three is not much problem, unless the extent of injury.



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