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Why do Chinese people do not play in Europe? ? ?

Milky Way2010-01-22 08:01:15 +0000 #1
Like Sun Yue, Su Wei, Li Xiaoxu and other players go to France, Italy, League should be popular ah! ! Why not mix, Europe is much easier than in CBA
little people yiyi2010-01-22 08:11:02 +0000 #2
In a sense, the tactical level of the European league is not necessarily lower than the nba, it is conceivable that in the World Championships European teams is how to the United States to overcome physical super players.

At the same time, the European league of commercial development lagged far behind the nba, a huge commercial value of Chinese players in the European arena can never played.
Great General Arenas2010-01-22 08:16:30 +0000 #3
perhaps because of patriotism, love of home team bar!

The first two years, NBA, a number of teams in Europe at the invitation of Wang to join, but because of his patriotism and love of the mother team bar, it should be it, the ultimate, Wang did not go to Europe, NBA play, despite the much higher wages, but he failed choose to go.

As for the Su Wei, Li Xiaoxu and other players should also be the same as with Wang, and, Sun Yue in the NBA mix better, NBA's players for the training intensity is really escalated.
Dulagesi2010-01-22 08:39:55 +0000 #4
That's because Europe's strong confrontational game. Fast-paced. Wang they can not cope, it would not to go. There Wang is not his NBA does not want to go but he was driven out because the fight well, others will find an excuse (not the Beijing Olympics) said that he: Olympic Games did not return to the national team competitions.
Bin2010-01-22 08:19:41 +0000 #5
must be able to go get on with it ah, if at the present momentum of development in Europe in the near future might NBA Most of the players will go there, so there is also a gathering place to master! And most important is where the money given by a lot better than NBA bad! ! ! Therefore, China must have a lot of people go there a lot of conditions, rather than a single to a number of commercial players to influence the team's visibility and attention! A place where power is absolute! In contrast, where play is more practical, faster, more emphasis on awareness and co-operation and team spirit! ! Chinese race. . . . Also seen, there is no special housekeeping ability, he's definitely tall. . . . Others, well mixed ah! However, team competitions and West Asia, has Zaie, personal competency and awareness of the margin is a lot, the most critical and physical. . . . . Poor! ! Too much money, since. . .
Masterpieces of insects2010-01-22 09:27:39 +0000 #6
1. Our own eyes only see the NBA, will go to Europe is not strong!

2. Europeans, the Chinese market is not like the Americans had such high regard, so the promotion and selection is not as NBA.

3. Our team, to go to Europe is not a cold, because the players go to Europe, the team can get the benefits, and the difference between NBA players to go big, so the team will stop the players going. Then Wang, Zhu Fangyu In fact, these players have a lot of European teams waved to them, but the team for their own interests, not letting go.

4. Another very important point, we have high levels of the players really are not many, like why we are two teams ranked 10th in Asia? ? ? Dilute beaten Pakistan rotten.

Chinese basketball right infrastructure so neglected, the vision is very short, the path of our development has become increasingly narrow.

Those so-called clubs, although many of them are public, but some of their practices, the overall development of Chinese basketball is not a benefit of the 100 victims.

Our league is too amateur, not to mention professional.



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