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Lutz and single issue of holding the ball layup

schicksal19882010-03-05 09:11:33 +0000 #1
height 188, played three years of the ball, and waist and flexible forces still good, before the basket are fighting back and the small restricted areas of the jumper, Howard has recently tried to practice very similar to the running The hook and a single hand-held ball layup, but I feel bad for a single hand-held ball, hook the direction of large deviations often played inside the pop-up in the ring, the one-handed layup stiff arm, hand stick ball, ball attached to the chest to get rid of the ball when the final total was the location of the ball in the palm, fingers can not be appropriated for the ball. Please master Zhijiao know-how and practice methods, would like to thank the -
▓ Jujue 恋 嗳 ℡2010-03-05 09:20:25 +0000 #2
Hello -!

Peacetime training exercises on the multi-crotch because the crotch when the right-hand man can be a very good ball-handling application

Cross-dribble can also be found under the right-hand man rhythm

Note: Do not just practice Bounce the ball with his left hand as a waste of time is not that effect is not how good you


right-hand man of combined use of the exchange with the

1. right-hand dribble back and forth under the pressure after the in-situ Bounce the ball Lianshu own body center of gravity down Bounce the ball faster

2. Cross-Under right-hand man with the ball down the back dribbling across unfamiliar words of the first Bounce the ball with the palm of the hand after Lianshu Bounce the ball with your fingers down the pressure from the body after Lianshu Bounce the ball faster! !

3. Behind the dribble to find the rhythm in this sense is to rely on their own level of proficiency of the

step by step, slowly to

by weeks to calculate the daily practice, I estimated that at least three weeks dribbling ability will increase

I to say a few key

not easily under the ball, if the ball is to the next extraordinary.

Tread across a positive, switch to probe the shoulder to protect the ball, and the second foot pedal quickly and actively.

Want to control a stable center of gravity. The right foot to the right side of the rear taken the right path to follow when the toes on his left foot before the soles of his feet inside the tread strong and active.
] Shift the focus of tread to dribble actions are aligned.

Finally, pay attention to break through before the fake in order to create a better time for a breakthrough.

Center of gravity must be low only when the fast start.

Layup to explain -! -! -!

The road between the single-handed shot

Action Methods: The right-handed shooting, for example, when the right foot forward in the ball, and then quickly jump on the left foot, right leg, knees swarmed at the same time give the ball to the head right, vacated, upper body Yang later, when the body jump to the highest point, the right arm straight, with wrist and finger flexion strength of the ball cast a

action points: a cross-big catch in prison, two small steps across force jump, the three wrist turn prop up the ball to move the ball high and 4 to refer to a soft wrist force Qiao.

Road between the single-handed underhand shot

Action Method: running, footwork and moving the basket with one hand between the shoulder shot is basically the same, only after the second step the ball should continue to increase speed, move the top of the take-off and vacate the time short. Shooting a finger fingers naturally separated from the lower part of care the ball, palms facing up, arms extended upward, close to the basket when the finger on the pick moves the ball forward spin toward the basket

Action points: The second step firmly placed to the front of the jump, shot before the shoot with one hand to maintain the stability of a low hand toss with a mean strength of the ball forward picked wrist spin cast.

Practice makes perfect! Refueling ah!


Hook shot hook shot has always been in people's minds do not have much status, but also, most people do not think he is an orthodox shot position. However, when the "sky hook," Abdul-Jabbar in NBA later. It was only gradually hook shot is so wonderful. Moreover, when a magician learned hook shot and also won the "Small-day hook," a reputation, people more on the hook shot in the other eye treatment. Since then, the hook shot by people gradually accepted and used in various formal and non formal competitions. Hook shot role is very prominent. Especially if you're faced with a tall defensive player of your time, hook shot just to show your style. Even so, however, to correct and rational use of hook shot is not a simple matter. Now, I am on my experience and the experience and everyone should work together to explore the hook shot action. If, there is something wrong place, or those with my point of view a different User. Both can be put forward to hearing everyone look 10000.

First of all, the general location of the ball are the center and power forward position. At this time, you received a back pass you the ball, his back to the basket. Hook shot to the first use of the opportunity created.

The first step to use the shoulder Kaozhu each other to suppress the body to live with him.

The second step is a step to the restricted area inside the great strides of the left leg (usually by attacking the basket at all times the right side of the rim, which is accustomed to shooting right-handed people the way).

The third step is to turn toward the basket. At the same time the high jump, with his right hand the ball high over his head, preferably straight arm. When you jump to the highest point of time, the land allocated for the ball with the wrist gently into the basket

details related videos basketball video guide is a video album

very good (and yes CCTV5 Zhang guide)


still have to slowly practice --- there is definitely a lot of effort to absolute return! ! !

Real competition and personal practice can be properly learn

Practice makes perfect! Refueling ah!

Let you come to have the video extraordinary breakthrough in disguise

above Drug trafficking is a superior video did not cool

This is also really good -
, although the amount of China

give you a more difficult exercise Yun Hand the ball of

this video I suggest you still familiar to basketball dribbling was trained in the time - come practice

Tiger flutter networks are not poisonous ---- China's first a basketball website (looks like yes)

The next is also a number of related videos

see what will, and skilled, and you will Niu B Special is excellent cool, um, I came across a fine ah! ! !


U cool potatoes are a great video site

which search they want to see can find it

I wish you an early and successful!
baby527772010-03-05 09:54:12 +0000 #3
simply do your layup action should not be standardized hook Probably the first is because the ball is not a lot of the ball and thought of like starting from the most basic training such as standing head and dribble the ball around the waist, legs Pull the ball around, in-situ variable crotch unlucky campaign so we still need more practice to turn attention to pass the ball with your fingers and wrist feel should be gradual and will be able to exercise is not an overnight Enhancing the

basic skills, though sometimes boring but if you would like to be the development of basic skills must be solid when the game can see how the basic skills of a person's basic skills is very important

so you want to be helpful in order to work in this beloved basketball. . .



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