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Beijing at 10:00 on February 18, 2006 NBA All-Star Rookie Challenge race start. Game at Toyota Center, the second-year team to a 106-96 victory over grade team. Over the past four years of confrontation, are the second-year team had the last laugh. Philadelphia 76ers Andre Iguodala of the deduction will be elected to this year's All-Star Rookie Challenge of the most valuable player (MVP).

On the specific score for the second half 52-45 and 54-51. A grade team side, Wei Laniu China scored a team-high 18 points and 12 rebounds, Luther - Hyde also received 18 points, Dwight - Andrew Bogut contributed 14 points and 10 rebounds, and Robinson had 13 points recorded; the second grade team side, Andre Iguodala led all scorers with 30 points, this - Drew Gooden scored 17 points, West recorded 15 points, Nocioni scored 13 points, McClure - Deng contributed 10 points.

This is the Rookie Challenge, held its 12th year, is also the 2012 level against the first 7 years. In the previous six years of confrontation, the second-year team record of 4 wins 2 losses in a slight advantage. Over the past two years, Union has not emerged in a particular draw of the rookie, but the strength of these players are very average. In the past three years, are the second-year team to win, so this year by the Rockets rookie Luther - Hyde led the first-year team, eager to win. First grade team's starting lineup for Nate - Robinson, Chris - Paul Fry, Granger and Andrew - Bogut; second-year team starting lineup for the German - Harris, The - Drew Gooden, Lu Seoul - Deng, Andre Iguodala and Dwight - Howard.

The first half race start, Andre Iguodala mid-range jumper, followed by Harris scored two points, this - outside Gooden hit three-pointers, second-year team to 5-2 lead. But then a 9-3 grade team played a small peak, will go-ahead score. Luther - Head layup, followed by medium-range jumper Andre Iguodala hit two-year team behind 7-13. - Chris Paul scored two points, Williams made a layup that two teams are playing very fast tempo offense. McClure - Deng outside threes, but soon Luther - Hyde sent pass, Wei Laniu China alley-oop dunk. Second-year team the lead once again unknowingly.

Ford's mid-range jumper, followed by Fairbanks scored two points and Andre Iguodala dunk, a 17-5 second-grade team played a small wave will be extended to double-digit lead. Williams hit a jumper, followed by Robinson's layup with a jumper by Andre Iguodala and cause a foul, penalty hit. Second-year team 38-30 lead. This - Drew Gooden outside threes, and then Bogut dunk. One-year team narrowing the score gap, Harris tipped Robinson outside threes, followed by Chris - Paul medium-range jumper. The first half end of the game, second-year team to a 52-45 lead grade team.

Half of the game started, Chris - Paul outside threes, Deng left-wing hit two points, Andre Iguodala scored seven points, second-year team 61-48 lead. Dwight - Howard dunk with both hands, Granger outside threes, Andre Iguodala re-dunk, followed by German - Harris playing board pass from Andre Iguodala dunk again. Second-year team made 14 points advantage, McClure - Deng turnaround jumper. One way to grade the team on offense much, Chris - Paul layup, Andre Iguodala dunk again, Sarunas Jasikevicius Quanding hit three-pointers, second-year team to 75-64 lead .

The - Drew Gooden outside threes, Luther - Head alley-oop the ball into the basket, Andre Iguodala repeatedly used the two points, second-year team lead expanded to 20 minutes. Andre Iguodala hit two-thirds outside the ball, Iverson is also courtside for his teammates applauded. Luther - Head layup, second-year team 93-72 lead. Wei Laniu Chinese basket storm succeeded, after which he made two free throws, the Wei Laniu Chinese fast-break alley-oop dunk in the hit. Nocioni jumper on the right, Wei Laniu Chinese outside threes. Chris - Paul fast-break dunk, followed by Andre Iguodala dunk. In the end, second-year team to a 106-96 victory over grade team. (Summer)



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