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Nuggets inside be inside the West rogue do? (Rogue is that their style of hard-line inside)

hello white chocolate2010-03-05 10:10:34 +0000 #1
or the entire Nuggets team in the Western style, and even regarded as the strongest union do? And the Los Angeles Lakers Portland Trail Blazers strong teams such as inside a little more than some details
African small Peas2010-03-05 10:26:21 +0000 #2
First of all say something, if you enjoy watching Chinese basketball superstar lick media P eyes praise, or is the data on the other party look at my rating, because I am mainly based on the Nuggets game video to analyze.

Nuggets inside the commanding general, Martin, Nene bird people are legendary Fauvism inside, a common feature is the appearance ferocious speed also can be the following fast-break, power alarming, in the field of violence buckle, cap always makes blood boiling, but also have three very different,

Martin's offensive skills have been relatively crude (although he also voted 。。。), long shot but his strength lies in offensive rebounds with the explosive power of the sense of smell, and the high pivot Emmanuel Zhaxian have a lot of beautiful pass in the defensive end, Martin is indeed an iron gate, he was inside the Nuggets all-star anti-choice, and his single defense has toughness and is a POWERFUL, dislocation when the defense can also be a good anti-lived No. 3 players.

Nene offensive hand side is absolutely all-star level, although the No. 5 position in the height of his slightly suffer, but his tonnage, speed, power, pace, touch, can make up for the offensive side height defects, hook , the investment techniques are very well have a good left hand and right hand, and his offense mostly in the paint to complete, highly offensive to grasp. Nene's defense by the height restrictions, feeling can only say that the degree passing bar.

Birdman Anderson must less than one chip in front of two, his grasp of singles offensive almost zero (Martin, there are at least a little bit of pace and the survival of the ball directly to a small hook), but he has a strong The second attack awareness, good Jian Lou. . . In the defensive end, his greatest contribution was his course, the complement of anti-bird who has a long wingspan and powerful anti-sense complement to life with a sound footing, so I often contribute to shaking big hat, so that the team enhance the morale immediately. The existence of birds were pure run and gun team of substitute for the significance.

The three inside, as an individual capacity, style of play characterized by reason, can not be Kevin Garnett, Duncan, Wallace, Pau Gasol of this axis of the players inside, but the Nuggets, they are the team most in need of the type of , positive tough defense, non-Tangong full of passion inside. After all, in a Billups and Antonio have a team where their primary responsibility is relatively simple, that is icing on the cake in the attack, in the defense of due diligence efforts on the list. All in all, the most hard-line the inside with the best inside, I think it is more in line with the Celtics a luxury car a little, but the most the most contagious animal inside trio of non-none other than the Nuggets.
pschly2010-03-05 10:48:55 +0000 #3
Operator Mody?

style considered tough, but a high degree of not, impact can still be. Everyone is very distinctive characteristics, but a smart little inside, kind of like the old Miller. are all the muscles stick ...

Lakers, Bynum of physical technology inside general, artillery Gasol technology is good, but soft, add a Odom is basically what is all here.

Trail Blazers have now collapsed, Oden is a joke, Aldridge risk one's life be of no avail, not to mention his back is really not work the body's singles technologies.
yaleyaocc2010-03-05 10:33:39 +0000 #4
not. The strongest in the western style of the team must be the Jazz and Spurs. Even if the inside than the Lakers and Trail Blazers, the Nuggets are also a disadvantage. Is mainly inside the main Nuggets Nene (career averages of 12 points 7 boards), simply does not match with two star inside the twin towers of the Los Angeles Lakers (Bynum and Pau Gasol) and (Oden and LaMarcus Aldridge ).
Always ° online2010-03-05 10:46:30 +0000 #5
Nene is a shock-type lane, Martin belongs to the muscles stick. Because both of them are explosive, but did not reach 2 meters tall and 11, so it can not be regarded as the twin towers, San Antonio's Tim Duncan + Antonio McDyess also very strong, there is Boozer + Okur Jazz, the Hornets have West + Okafor But I personally prefer the then Spurs, Tim Duncan + David Robinson, then it is to have everything



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