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In basketball, the use of knockout 15 pairs, based on how choreography four seeds abcd

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Since the demand is out of the system is not carried out a round robin group. Will be easy to arrange. Set seeded seeded ahead of schedule can not allow a hit.

1 / 8 finals:

first: A (seeds) VS E Team

2nd Course: G Force VS H Team

3rd Course: B (seeds) VS F Team

4th Course: I Team VS J Team

fifth: C (seeds) VS K Team

sixth: L Team VS M Team

7th Field: N Team VS O Team

eighth games: D bye team (because only 15 teams participating Naturally, the situation bye, take care of seeds)

1 / 4 Final:

9th Field: The first winner of the second winner VS

10th Field: third winner VS fourth field winner

No. 11 Field: fifth winner winner VS sixth and 12th games: 7th Field winner VS D Team (seeds)


the first 13 games: 9th Field winner VS 10th Field winner

14 games: The first 11-game winner of the first 12 games the winner VS


is the two semi-finals the winner of the persons.



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