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Write a poem for Iverson

MY dreams were MY2010-03-05 12:11:30 +0000 #1
write a little affection, the best a little sad and lonely, not too long, five extinction, Wu Lv, Seven-, or Qi Lv are OK, I personalized signatures on the QQ, the too long to fit into. Or the word can do, plus one similar to the "misunderstanding, the answer is still the eternal," the title, good plus points. If you write poetry too difficult to write a passage is required.
lyc72262010-03-05 12:19:13 +0000 #2
Yong Yule looks pretty nostalgia

eternal alliance, looks pretty fruitless searching Heisley Office. Shadowy, honor always be, the rain blew down. Ends of the earth, hard to find a bosom friend, thank Brown had help. Looking back, flashing turn diversion, trapeze helpless sigh.

The effectiveness of Philadelphia, into the final, but was stopped OK. Seeing the situation, but unfortunately moved westward, eventually finding to Denver. Higher paid, Denver difficult to supports, exile Motor City. By now, back to Philadelphia, and can still not rice?

Original, on the second floor that is certainly not original. Too fake. Elected me Ha!
Immortal minute later2010-03-05 13:00:27 +0000 #3
"I am I!"

When he was in Shanghai when the words of an advertisement!

"Only the strong survive" (Survivor Series)

Allen Iverson arm tattoos, Iverson believes in the motto

because of Ai, so love


I press my own way life, according to my own way of playing, I swear I have never tired before.

I play every game as if it is my last

myself that I was that Allen Iverson.

No friends there would be no Allen Iverson.

ALLEN IVERSON together with the gods and demons the blood Mars!!!
Redyanlee2010-03-05 13:21:45 +0000 #4
When Nai past, misunderstanding still in the. Lonely crazy Herd, smile can melt away forever.
liujian_07302010-03-05 12:28:04 +0000 #5


no way

excellence days envy

God is never cruel reality of truth is also always be people to take care of


Ifor monkey underwear VIP

a smaller number of cattle were also allowed a giant terror

also mixed into the All-Star club

tall, small, intelligent appalling

let him play games is really a throwaway

offseason offensive play ball with the speed in particular, anti-Na Buzhu

Lu had been overtaken by the Lakers Taine

its role is to make the team 4 5

Ai unconsciously playing the eyes of Idol fans that he did not lack the ability or shortages of talent

No Nai Ai cried for a few years a pity that the core of team-mate has changed the waste

with great difficulty did you get into a fight on their own a Weber, but the specialized households

Wei Bo said that I had no choice but Ai 3 on my support was negative

All-Star starting guard for two consecutive years is how a single-digit assists

Ai mystery may be only like to coach teammates bian mercilessly useless

Ai charming his mouth large and comparable to cook The Ducks better Ting Dezhu

power forwards and centers are proud of their beautiful No fig leaf of

only a pity that he did not live up to expectations hamadryad monkey puzzle every day, so that Ai sing you do not know how hard I

they should go to Tom Muke Lu Sri Lanka played in the film is called an impossible task

Ai heart cried for several years and unfortunately the year is now the rhetoric is the dirt

occasionally being turned up as a pity that the best gift of

Fool's Day with great difficulty hamadryad monkey played 50 minutes the original use of the team lost to make up the mystery I do not know

Ai to review Queba innocent Weber

They say that when the culprit is the Dwarf hamadryad monkey on behalf of a symbol can never be desecrated

If you hate hamadryad monkey who is not to seriously

When Mannikin hamadryad monkey has become second-class fear of being crippled spiritual support

treatment of certain people as inferior drug

hamadryad monkey perform well is their greatest affection

insulting other people to be their usual tricks

Ai mystery of the poor they do not know the progress of

hamadryad monkey will not be a credit to your book

quick and objective look at hamadryad monkey correct its mistakes

he was just a shot put team-mates were implicated unique

NBDL is his pet destination

the future is all doom

hamadryad monkey do Zhuangku

Back to the roots to retain to the NBDL

and buses to do team-mate


flow of tears



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