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Basketball dribble problem

low-key 灬 ゛ ヤ ﹏2010-03-05 13:10:17 +0000 #1
Members prawns, master. I am 1.83 meters, belonged to the upper physical fitness is fast enough, however, that is, when you feel a little dribble extraordinary flow, and feel that their physical coordination was not very good with the defense staff confrontation, only in place to do some movement behind the crotch, and what feels right is not a big breakthrough in the role. There is a three-step layup in the changes of direction and feels a bit awkward when you do not know why. I am moving Breakthrough Shique can not do anything in action, jumper, then can basically will not be covered. and I feel too tall in person, can have similar, but shorter than their more experienced faster pace is more difficult, because I do not like to eat his body and strong play, is not too much height is not suitable for dribbling and a breakthrough Yeah, hope you master answer, the best point for the coordination of how physical exercise, because I would do moves that do not know how to use a coherent, finally, contempt occurs.
sanmenwei2010-03-05 13:14:01 +0000 #2
crossover step with
yejzt232010-03-05 13:35:11 +0000 #3
First of all, let me say .. 1.83 simply was not a big one .. dribble for you this head it. We should say that holding the pinch ..

As for the basket are three steps you say awkward, I would like to ask you. to play How long???

As you dribble, breaking have done little more action, certainly You coordination problems.

well .... even if you do not necessarily have a threat out of action ...... breakthrough is based on the quasi-fixed-point jumper degree of threat to each other ... otherwise you make a flowers ... people will not reason you ....
MJ1BS22010-03-05 14:25:37 +0000 #4
I had this kind of thing, but we would not have a

One reason is that you only pay attention to in practice when the practiced dribbling moves and did not really go to be applied to

In fact, I listed the actual track is a simple confrontation in and opponents of oppression, when he gave you you can dribble off of his
, when he came to steal the ball dribble in fact you use the crotch of his look can be had for you Then, after the start with a crotch can be passed either on the transportation months after changing hands behind the extraordinary can be directly started in place of the

Do not make those who are not meaningful action is not only easy to mistake it has not the slightest effect on the efforts of so to practice the skills of dribbling into a real stadium 【premise that first dribble of skilled】

there I had the stroke patients were not extraordinary, and video and then watch the game themselves out repeatedly practice this is not an overnight thing Enhancing the needs of your intention to go to practice

I hope you succeed 哈哈! -
Dream interpretation of dreams do not understand the division2010-03-05 13:50:04 +0000 #5
Well, let me give you shorter people to answer this question, not consistent when the link is because you are trained in step by step, like you are first learning how to crotch, and then turn around, What you want is to link them to practice, this and height does not matter how high Allen Iverson? And you have the same height, but still very skilled.

Dribble incoherent there are other reasons, such as you have a fear of psychological, fear of being steal, feeling clean sheet is very shameful, is it? Do not be afraid just started off, you can find your friends, you two exercises to see how those who had shorter than themselves, we must dare to move, afraid of giving up goals

In fact, the reason is because you have all the basic skills are not solid, Otherwise how could it be action can not break? Still have to practice more, there must be fake, so defenders will not dare to casually reach out and break your balls, this is to rely on the cumulative annual

finally told you that when the basketball inside the body is really important, For height and weight than their own people, that is stronger to eat, use their own strengths to play each other's weaknesses, why is James very difficult to prevent encountered high on the breakthrough eating experience short of the strong, the unit where the body is not playing games No, the play should be clever, you are watching the floor of the Lao Youtiao, that will not use the body, such a big age, and will do with their bodies, do not be afraid physical confrontation, a man Well. Do not play basketball, how much fun little body

20 minutes to earn you this little code word I can not ah
Haotian to see these2010-03-05 14:09:05 +0000 #6
fundamental or technical is not enough skilled, can not in actual combat with ease. Xue white chocolate Williams, wearing gloves to practice dribbling, Lianshu had picked the more precise the glove. Your height to play a point guard quite appropriate, there should be no physical condition problems.
To be continued LQ2010-03-05 15:20:05 +0000 #7
z1234567192010-03-05 16:46:44 +0000 #8
To be honest, I think you do not need to dribble ah. . . . . 1.83 regarded as a big man in ah. In fact, you only need a point guard to give you a pass on the line, ah! ! ! You can use your height advantage in the basket with your ah! !
Zhi-yong's Invincible2010-03-05 16:59:17 +0000 #9
I do not think so because you are not suitable for dribbling and extraordinary height, because of your height is only a little higher than others, NBA guard, are the height inside it, or even higher, but the extraordinary dribbling all No problem, I love playing basketball, height 175, basketball, technology is not gnaw way but the speed is also good, quite like a long higher ah, you are right across the height step layup, to a pick-better, If you have to keep on playing basketball played soccer before certain flexibility in the speed better, you dribble moves extraordinary good no need to worry too much, you have to dribble move, make good use of team-mate or the other stations of the gear, and then look for opportunities basket Moreover said that people do not rely on pure speed, like I just had the speed but not very good technology in general is difficult to fake extraordinary, your technology easy to use fake'd be a little man, and hope that they can you a little bit Help Bar ...
19910824yxp2010-03-05 14:46:20 +0000 #10
break from the basic method of practicing. Shun-step breakthrough, cross-step breakthrough, pre-and post-breaking turn turned a breakthrough. How specific can go to Baidu search inside Wikipedia. You can see more of Paul's video, he is very good at fast-moving change to the breakthrough, you can go to Tiger flutter net check, as if what Paul called the fast break instruction video, is a black man taught, there are many. You may wish to try!



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