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John Wall university specific data

Oh, a dangerous2010-03-05 16:10:10 +0000 #1
such as the free-throw shooting 3-point shooting shooting steals blocks assists and scoring must be said,
qq9409847782010-03-05 16:12:36 +0000 #2
In the 2009-10 season, the NCAA league, John - Wal-Mart has averaged played 33.6 minutes, averaged 17.3 points, in addition to 7.1 assists and 3.8 rebounds, and his data is the NCAA all of the most dazzling point guard. 2009 Nian November 16 to November 22, John - Wal-Mart career in college the first week won the ESPN Player of the Week, November 25, he is to become 2009 Cancun Challenge war game MVP, he was has also created a week of a new record: 4 consecutive weeks (November 23, November 30, December 7 and 12, 14) won the title of the best rookie player.

John - Wall NCAA representative race:

1,2009 11 17, John - Wal-Mart for the first time appeared on behalf of the University of Kentucky NCAA stadiums, the opponent is a strong University of Miami. John - Wall scored 19 points, 2 rebounds, 5 assists and three steals, also offer exciting pointer with 0.5 seconds Juesha.

2,2009 11 21, in his career, the 3rd game, rival Rider University, John - Wall scored 21 points, grab six rebounds, 11 assists and triple-double.

3,2009 years, December 10, John - Madison Square Garden in New York, Wal-Mart led the University of Kentucky road win over rival University of Connecticut. The game, John - Wal-Mart to be a season-high 25 points, six steals and two assists, one rebound, the team pursuit final critical hours time, Wal-Mart scored 15 points on the 12 points.
Yan On2010-03-05 16:51:58 +0000 #3
John Wall Chinese name: John Wall

English name: John Wall

Birthday :1990-9-6

Height: 6 foot 4 inches (1.94 meters)

Weight: 182 lbs

Position: Point guard guard (PG)

NBA template: Dwyane Wade, 德里克罗斯, Rajon Rondo

home: Raleigh, North Carolina

High School: Word Of God

University: University of Kentucky

University / Year: Kentucky / freshman

2010 Draft prediction: in the first three

[Edit this paragraph] About

from North Carolina RaleighWall opportunity to make their own among the top ranks, but he did not play their own level, and in game show a very prominent weaknesses. Physically very strong, attack means the same rich, but in some aspects of the race he was very scarce. He is good at starting the game with a rhythm, control of a one on one duel between he can either shoot himself or teammates to pass in the neutral gear. In the half-court offense and defense in the very obvious shortcomings, and the pace down, after he had a solid offense. Defender to give him the space shot, but he pinch paragraphs breakthroughs and passing routes. Weekends, he often faced with the regional defense, and sometimes he even on the floor disappeared. If he can not run up, his efficiency would be a sharp decline. His ability to join the periphery of the recent significant improvements, but still slightly worse than the average person a number. If not dunk, under pressure from the defender of his layup is very problematic. In the offensive end, he must change his state of mind involved defender, because he is more adept at doing so. Nevertheless, his physical fitness and athletic ability are still very prominent, and he can be a very good player, I believe.

Ranked high school point guard position this year, the first one of the Wal-Mart is the local time Tuesday morning to inform the University of Miami coach Frank - Hayes (Frank Haith) he will be joining the University of Kentucky. Give a reason? It is hoped, following Derek - Ross (Derrick Rose), and Tai Like - Evans (Tyreke Evens), the become the next Coach Cal Shoudi Xia God via a genius back: "In the past two years, he (Calipa Lane coach), together with his guard who played great, I think that was my good relationship with Coach Cal joined contributed to this decision. "
John Wall is undoubtedly the 2010 champion is currently the most popular candidate. He's like most of the 2008 draft pick Derek - Ross, outstanding body, power, exercise power, speed, and point guard skills. New coach John - Calipari will be assured to him as starter, John Wall born with leadership qualities, passing is also very imaginative and good at set-up may be new to Calipari John Wall as Ross would go to train. By John Wall and prospects of the current capacity, he will definitely lock pick the top three in 2010.

As in 2009 the nation's best high school players, Wal-Mart this summer, chose to join the University of Kentucky, playing for coach Calipari, which also implied that he wanted to be 德里克罗斯 and Terec Evans as the top point guard. Although Wal-Mart has just joined the NCAA, but he has been regarded as the nation's college basketball world's "first point guard", he fast break in the power of no one can block. In addition, from his physical point of view, some people think he is not just a point guard, but is expected to become the next LeBron James, but the more people think he is a replica of Dwyane Wade, anyway , 2010, he will definitely pick the first three characters.

[Edit this paragraph] NBA Draft Prospects:

John Wall is second only to "champion" Blake Griffin's character, you should pick at No. 2 was selected, while the overwhelming vetere Ke Ai Vince, Li Qilu Bio, Qiaonifulin, Stephen Curry, who became this year's "No. 1 point guard." And if he chose to participate in the summer in the NBA draft in 2010, then was "champion" will be very big chance.

Wal-Mart in the end how strong? Many experts have determined that if this year's NBA draft Wall has participated, he would be second only to the prospective champion Blake - Griffin (Blake Griffin) the big favorite, most likely the first two picks will be selected. And he is one of many championship in 2010 NBA Draft projections champion.



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