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NBA Classic extraordinary action

llltom0072010-03-05 19:10:23 +0000 #1
a lot of videos have such an action (right-hand dribble as an example):

the face of defensive players, the right hand dribbling a sudden acceleration, so the other to speed up the retreat defense, and then suddenly stopped his car, put the ball the right hand for left-handed dribble pull back, when the other party has not stopped due to inertia, the opportunity for a breakthrough on the left.

Can help break down what actions? In particular the right time to pull back from the crotch with the ball back onto the front of body or direct pull back?
sihualiu2010-03-05 19:24:00 +0000 #2
I think it can only technical essentials different from the situation faced different.

If your right leg and your left leg is greater than the vertical distance between the horizontal distance, then, that is, the angle between the crotch is not, you can very well from outside the ball and brought to the left from the cross. This case, the opponents distance, you have enough time to complete. I one of the classic moves such as small.

If the opponent who stick up ass close to you, and so there is no time and space to allow you to cross under the right foot back and together, you will need to increase the kinetic energy, center of gravity down, waist tightened, rapid attack, and back to . For example, Jordan Russell, that the classic Akira.



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