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172 people how to dunk

Nai Peas2010-03-05 19:10:42 +0000 #1
I 172, arm span 180, stand to touch 220, can Shuang Shouzhua hand basket, but not a small buckle. Highest touched run and jump 315 feet take-off super-basket-hand. That stuff is long months of uncertainty, who can teach me one foot take-off method! And dunk technique! And peacetime training methods! Hope that individuals, accounting for the post will not, thank you
huoer3032010-03-05 19:23:05 +0000 #2
KOBE first entered the league, a lot of dunking the ball lenses are caught in between the hand and arm (his hand and AJ should be short compared with many ). Reality the basket a lot of people can be arrested, but very little can be deducted. There is because the hand is not big enough, it is because the jump is not high enough, your hands again to seize the ball can not jump off baskets over arm, is a bit difficult to buckle prospective.

You can try to let someone else feed the ball, the air relay (at the highest point of the ball smashing into), maybe you can find a point of feeling. If able to buckle, it shows a high enough, but skill and determination.

If you can not do, it means you are still some distance away from the buckle, it is necessary to practice jumping!

If you are old enough big, above the high school on the weight-bearing exercise bar! Would be more effective, but the practice will be more knee injuries. Up to three times a week!

If age is not enough to persuade you, and so bar! Strength of your muscles do not adapt to this weight-bearing exercise on bone bad. If you persist in play, such as muscle and bone are mature, you or the president of some of the bounce.
true Artest2010-03-05 19:34:15 +0000 #3
bounce and flexibility exercises
304,420,8822010-03-05 20:11:32 +0000 #4
Chinese can give rise to such talents? 172 dunk?

too difficult, the Chinese and Americans are different. Louzhu so please put your state of mind is not There are too many thoughts
chnbaggio2010-03-05 20:19:46 +0000 #5
find a low point basket
z4541791682010-03-05 21:05:45 +0000 #6
first to practice jumping ability - one leg squat and then stand up - repeat. Repeat carrying dumbbells to do squat to stand! - This is the feet! - The best doing the sit-ups, practicing under the waist edge! - So try to make you jump even higher! -
allenxintu2010-03-05 21:02:10 +0000 #7
you want to dunk.

1, Enhancing the ball technology, the ball one-handed dunk a sense of good people get into the buckle until his hands would be entirely relying dunk bounce plus in-situ Mogao.

2, exercise bounce, if you feel bad case of the ball can only dunk with both hands, there must be 110cm vertical jumping impossible. Than Bryant Tiaode Gao.

3, if you have a super-class of more than 100cm of feeling plus a vertical bounce can be basically. If you meet this condition can be selected province of the team. Is at least a substitute.

So you want to dunk the issue is not I, etc., may be resolved.

If you really want to check more information on his own, buy specialized books read.



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