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How to play basketball well seek expert

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I was 16 years old 1.77 65 kilograms on the beginner level since love basketball, but after the middle of my classmates were from primary schools started to play until the middle of my staff began practicing so much that had led to the disparity in power has often been people to laugh (self-confidence to be attacked...), and when the students were all students 3V3 would ask me to stop blue (high-Well) is not a pass to me (can understand) but I was not someone grab rebounds grabbed the rebound is not in another shot. . . . . So I started practicing lay-by (I shot baskets poor...) Because I have great force, while not fat, but strength than arm strength is indeed a substantial and students were often overwhelming and then 33 (3V3) when it is often layup, but once into someone else when you hit a layup after the people have been afraid that dare not be too strongly anti-people anti-poor people is not satisfied with a flash over them, he reluctantly hands Qudang a foul (with second almost fighting..) shot baskets are not very good posture is often laugh. . . . Here lay-grab defensive rebounds ask you about experiences such as their own copy of the summary should not like

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I started, but also a

okay you have to practice more than the time and thought the pace of

lay - The most important thing is the pace of

there is in the air feel of the time

have learned to dribble hook

There you shoot well

I am also

we will have to use strengths to complement

as long as you practice lay - When the game is willing to train

Basketball will let you win the applause! !

加油 bar! !
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only two words, more practice! Practice makes perfect!
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Based on your height, weight and strength.

Personally think you should start from the basic skills practice, because without a solid basic skills, then some other action is meaningless.

Since the students have let you stand at the end of the basket, then you start attacking the nearest basket exercises (from the basket closer, the higher the hit rate), the first practice in two 45 ° angle plate to fight at close range, as well as frontal assault -! Bounce the ball would also like to note that practice, adhere to slap the ball every day practice, familiar with your ball sex.

Grab rebounds, must rely on a place for as long as you place cards well, even if others jump even higher, it is difficult to get hold of your ball.

As for the defense, it depends on personal experience has accumulated, but your focus should be down, hands open, pay attention to the pace of lateral movement (which you make will be more understanding, have time to take a look Battier's Defensive footsteps Bar)
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more, see more practice, and read more NBA games, as well as take a look at Slam Dunk comic books can teach you a lot, the Slam Dunk Comics
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1. ball

the use of five finger ball, and the fingers inward contraction. The use of the ball landing in the palm of your hand to catch the moment.

2. Torso plate on the ball

ball circling around his waist, this action is the key to face forward, while the eyes do not look at the ball, and then make clockwise, counter clock dribbling exercises.

3. Cervical disc ball

ball along the neck and around the exercises, this exercise forward the same face, neck, avoid the immovable, and made positive, anti-clockwise direction alternating exercises.

4. Foot

feet separated from the ball and the plate lowered center of gravity, holding the ball at the foot side of the plate to do the ball exercise. Do the eyes watching, and use the left and right foot to do is, anti-clockwise direction alternating exercises.

5. Cross-drop

feet under the front and rear center of gravity lowered separately at the same time. The ball of light thrown from the front or rear, his hands quickly from the rear to catch the ball and the ball of light thrown back to the front, so when you practice over and over again in mind, try to complete within a few seconds, San Shi.

6. Knee dribbling

legs a little closer at the same time the body center of gravity lowered, the ball dribbling along the knees to do exercises. Eyes do not watch a soccer match, according to positive, anti-clockwise turn of practice.

7. Cross the ball under the eight-character set

This is the application of foot dribbling the ball along the legs to do in a cross under the "8" shape of the dish the ball, while the eyes do not look at the ball, and press are, and anti-clockwise direction alternate method of practice



a wrist turn pressure method: a single hand-held shooting the ball on the head to do to prepare posture, one hand help the downward pressure the ball, pressure the wrist, fingers.

Requirement: five fingers Zhang separately, means more than the root ball.

2 squeeze ball (hands, squeeze the ball)

Method: hands holding the ball in the chest, two arms relative force squeeze the ball.

Requirements: five fingers as far as possible to separate the appropriate force.

3 two-hand overhead throw the ball exercises

Methods: The hands holding the ball in the head, using the power of the ball vertically upward wrist pop-up, for a continuous period.

Request: hair force only wrist, forearm a slight movement on the stretch . The ball should be perpendicular to the pop-up. Drop up to 4 after the chest with both hands clap

Method: about to open her legs and hands before the ball in the chest unit. Force when the body co-ordination exercises toss the ball up, drop when the heel raised, knees the ball when the advantage of the opportunity. Drop after the clap. Catch the ball before the ball landed.

Requirements: a high-five the number of 15 or more times is better, the ball should be thrown directly to stable.

5 hands turned up to do after the toss

Method: drop method ibid. Throwing the ball turned around 360 degrees after the in-situ or 720 degrees, and then catch.

Requirements: drop vertical, turned smooth.

6 hands up to do push-ups after the drop

Method: drop as above, throwing the ball high after an appropriate time to do push-ups and then stood up to catch the ball.

Request: throwing the ball slightly higher, action standards, and orderly.

7 before throwing the ball, behind a high-five

Methods: The hands holding the ball in the chest, abdomen before the toss up the ball, the ball is played into the move to the back immediately after the clap a

3 times.

Requirement: ball no higher than the first.

7, before the clap body behind the ball

method: holding the ball with both hands placed on the first after the opening practice, the let go the ball back the natural cis-rolled, quick clap his hands in front of body 1

3 times, then quickly behind the ball do not make the ball landed.

Requirements: fast-moving hands.

9 pick before the drop behind, drop behind the front then

Methods: The players stand around the legs, feet and shoulder width, hands holding the ball in the abdomen before the ball thrown behind him, and then to swing his arms behind him , using both hands to catch the ball. Front of the ball then threw his arms to catch the ball quickly and placed in front.

Requirement: throwing the ball is too high, too far you can, move your arms faster.

10 from throwing the ball bounce on the ground since then

Method: Opening and legs, shoulder width, hands holding the ball in front of body, hands up drop, bounce the ball landed, the hands quick-reach, grip the ball.

Requirements: the height of the ball thrown gradually increased from a low. The height of the ball below the knee.

11 single-handed arm prop up the ball on the head straight up jump

Method: Single-hand ball on the head hold up straight jump, jump up the ball when you leave their hands.

Requirements: upward jump at the same time, hand the ball to make the ball leave their hands.

12 single-hand throwing the ball, control the ball ability to practice

Method: Single-hand toss in the head, another hand on the ball, players care rapid wrist flexion toss the ball up a row, after changing hands several times practice.

Requirement: wrist-jitter force uniform, the ball should be thrown straight.

13, close behind the two-handed throwing catcher

Method: vertical feet and shoulder width, arm in both hands behind the ball started right, threw left-handed closer, left-handed catch and then threw his right hand, and so repeated.

Asked: Start both hands close to drop slowly, and skilled hands, after a gradual widening distance, ball must also be expedited.

14 hands, turn the turn of the wrist copied ball

Methods: The feet around the opening, the left hand prop up the ball in the lower part of the Rotary ball right back on the chest. Started practicing two-handed the ball forward quickly rotate, rotating, two hand on the ball the opposite position.

Requirements: copied strike without landing.

15 with one hand pick up the ball

Method: feet open ball forward with one hand stretched out arm, using the wrist and finger flexion and extension Shangqu jitter power to stir up the ball, the ball is back in the hands, and repeatedly practicing.

Requirements: arm, body, and Jian Bi unchanged.

16 hands, pick up the ball

Method: legs open, his hands stretched out arm holding the ball forward, imitating his hands underhand shot the last shot action. The ball drop to provoke.

Requirements: arm, bent wrist.

17 shots under the basket method: to stand just below the ring, rotate the ball touch the plate shot.

Requirement: not allowed upper body flexion.

18 body and head before throwing the ball

Method: feet or so to open, right hand holding the ball on the side of the body, wrist, or head the ball passed from the body before the left-handed, left wrist and then pass on the right hand, and repeatedly practicing .

Requirements: wrist, single-copy hand-pick a good strike.

19 behind the rear ramp throwing the ball with one hand

Methods: The two-legged squat about the opening or the Big Dipper. Single hand behind the ball on the left hand, using the power of the ball to provoke wrist, right hand catch, and then, shaking his right hand holding the ball behind the left chamber to repeat actions, repeatedly pick the right hand then left hand, right to choose, then the left hand, continuous to do.

Asked: You can assist in wrist flexion strength to hair.

20 one-hand-side of the wall pass

Method: feet or so to open the left side of the wall, right hand behind the ball or pass on a wall or a hook, left-handed with one hand back and do change hands after a certain number of practice , for standing direction.

Requirement: feet can move, but the side of the body certainly right.

21 hands before and after death bounce pass under the crotch then s

Methods: The hands holding the ball in the abdomen before. First, the ball to the crotch with both hands under the ground throw, the ball rebounded from the crotch to the next behind, and then to swing his arms behind him, using both hands to catch the ball rebound; again from behind, the ball bounced behind him, on the front with the both hands to catch the ball.

22 under the weight behind the next crotch shot

Methods: The players hold hands, belly before. I first talk about arms, and then down the arm swing wrist forcefully, pounding the ball, the rebound through the crotch from behind, under, and quickly placed after the arms behind his back with both hands to catch the ball.

Requirement: hit the earth will be heavy and fast after the arm, behind the ball, the palm of the hand opposite to the ball, when his hands touched the ball, the ball will press on the arm.

23 hands before and after the turn around under the crotch then put the ball

Method: sub-leg standing, feet slightly wider par, knees, squat, upper body slightly forward, Hanxiong abdomen, as the two eyes. Left arm put in a front and rear body, natural droop. Under the ball in the crotch. (In the right hand in front, left hand in the post as an example) after the first, put his hands raised slightly on the ball, and immediately before and after changing hands to catch the ball. Turn around do the same repeatedly.

Requirements: the focus should be steady, then put the ball around the turn faster, the ball drop in front of the ball catch.

24 hands, crotch crotch followed by pre-placed balls

Methods: The sub-leg standing, feet slightly wider par, knees nearly 90, upper body slightly forward, Hanxiong abdomen, as the two eyes, his arms on the front, natural droop hands crotch ball placed in the bottom two fingers, forced the ball up the first provocation short, so that the ball bounce away from the hand. Then quickly moved his hands behind the front of the ball under the crotch. And the same finger to make the ball bounce behind the strength of his hands also go to the front of the ball catch. Accordingly, the before and after the repeated manner. .

Requirements: the focus should be steady, before and after the turn of the ball with both hands to be fast, not let the ball landed.

25-1 in situ transfer of the ball changing hands crotch eight characters

Method: In-situ standing, feet or so separated Zhang, bent over the rise of visual front. If the ball is in his left hand, left arm, right leg from the body prior to the crotch straight-arm swing on the right leg behind the cross on the right hand. De Qiuhou right hand, right arm, left leg crotch to bypass the right leg before the direction of swing, on the left leg behind the cross on the left hand. The case of a continuous round-trip to do so.

Requirements: arm when the elbow does not bend. Transition to single-handedly sent the ball in one hand and cited, skilled gradually speed up.

25-2 in situ the transfer of the ball changing hands crotch eight characters (with the 25-1 transition in the opposite direction)

Method: the same body posture on 25-1, but the transition in different ways. Started right before the ball abdominal exercises, after the right lateral channeled to the right leg after leg, from crotch crotch under the cross on the front under the left hand. After the left-handed catch by the left leg to left leg after the lateral cited by the crotch, the cross on the right hand. The case of a row from the back pay.

Asked: Same as 25-1.

26 kicks the ball transfer method: a natural opening his legs and hands holding the ball in the chest. Practice time as his legs forward alternately kicking up silt, when a leg before the kick himself when the ball under the cross on the right hand on the thigh. Repeated practice.

Requirements: kick as high as possible, transfer the ball faster.

27 hands before the body of another dribble

Method: legs open, hands holding the ball, arms straight forward, such as the fingers of both hands forward with the dial pass. Exercise can be a password when the rhythm from slow to fast, by approaching slowly, or by the cantilevers to the bent, then bent to the cantilevers.

28 around the head, neck, chest, legs and the transfer of the ball

Method: feet side by side, their hands placed in front of ball around the head, neck, chest, waist, abdomen, legs and around the transfer of the ball, from top to bottom, then from the next done around to change direction several times.

Asked: straight legs, a gradual increase in transfer speed.

29 moving the transition between the crotch ball

Method: feet about the opening, slightly wider than shoulders, ball in the knee. Practice, the right leg forward, while his left hand holding the ball between his knees the ball cross the right hand, left leg to move forward, right hand holding the ball in the right leg and then lateral the ball cross the ball in his left hand between his legs. In turn forward the transfer of the ball to do crotch eight characters.

Requirements: the rise of pike, the speed from slow to fast, the direction can be constantly changing.

30 before the lateral body with one hand waving swing the ball

Methods: feet around the opening, with both hands holding the ball in front of body. Practicing the left hand to push the ball cross the right hand, right hand advantage of the opportunity to put the ball sidearm, and then cross the ball back to the left hand in front of body, left Hui swing.

Requirement: Hui placed the ball high, began to call placed to the side of flat give location, skilled, another swing to the limit

Flexibility Exercise

(1) bend forward Waist:

mainly used to practice the waist forward movement in capacity and flexibility specific methods: and step legs standing knee-ting cross-clamping his hands two fingers heart hips straight up on the show of hands. Kang waist and then upper body bend forward as far as possible both hands heart knees straight down to the ground closely aligns, tight hip flexor, lower back fully extended. Song cited two hands on both sides of elbow flexion with both hands from the feet to hold fast to the heel, so that the chest Tiejin legs,Fully extending his lower back. Continued to relax after a certain time to stand. Can also be left in the hands touch the ground when you turn the right side of the waist and legs with both hands outside the heart touching the ground, increasing the waist, rotating at about stretching and flexibility.

Action point: her legs quite straight knee, chest Ta Yao, full stretch waist and back, chest and legs snapping.

(2) after the rejection Waist:

mainly used to practice the waist backward movement flexibility. Specific method: and further standing, exercise, when a leg support, and the other leg back on the straight leg

swing at the same time, arms straight, with the l body bent backwards to do the pendulum back to, so that the lower back are fully pressed, lumbar in front of the full stretch:

Action point: after the kick and the upper body placed at the same time, after Qu Zhen; supporting leg, knee straight. After the bend the head and arms to do the coordination body of the backswing help movement,

(3) lumbar rotation

is mainly used to practice around the waist rotation rate. Specific style of play; feet or so to open slightly wider than shoulders, arms hanging naturally at the off-side of the hip joint is

axis body bend forward, and then waist axis, so that upper body from the former right, up, and then left, back to to the clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation to do; the same time, arms and upper body with an obedient surround

clockwise or counter-clockwise movement, in order to increase the extent and intensity of the waist rotation,

Action point: try to increase the rate of circling, the speed by slow to fast, so that the activities of lumbar joints completely, stretching

fitness training

1. long-distance: a distance of about 3,000 meters long-distance running, right heart and lung function in exercise endurance and leg muscle groups to improve a very good general training need to adaptation time is short, probably ran 4-5 times in the entire post-(time 1 week to 2 weeks) you can basically adapt. Then can be used 3-4 times a week, exercise intensity intervals.

Essentials: just started training, first of all pay attention to his arm swings to be larger, particularly in the post-swing to be effective.

Attention to his breathing rhythm, do not deliberately forced breathing, maintaining uniformity, while maintaining the speed of their running evenly

wear a watch to run, remember what their own time to strive for every time there is a little bit of progress than the previous

get used to this distance but do not want to add long-distance, and can be used in the final 200-400 meters sprint in order to increase the intensity of

2. Jump Rope: Exercise the entire body coordination, as well as endurance

1, 1 min × 5 groups, each not less than 80 times, Use your feet jump (Flying better), interval of 60 seconds between the two groups, not more than 60 seconds Oh, give yourself time, the effect will be a lot worse.

2, one-time skipping 1000 times, 15 minutes to complete, also the use of his legs jump. Used to increase the intensity of their discretion after the bar, and you will become a physical Superman Oh.

Essentials: Keep breathing evenly, before the feet touch the ground when the rope to tighten the upper arm, wrist jitter

3. Climbing: If you feel a little bit old, they go and climb it, climb mountains, or climbing stairs can be once a day to complete 200 The cumulative height of meters can be, and you will breathe a strong agile legs and feet. Soon get used to? Then the burden of back points, the rate of increase is appropriate in order to 5kg.

Essentials: the middle can be a break to calm down breathing, but the attention to their own time, each faster than the last time as far as possible so that's good enough.

1. The strength test:

at the beginning of development of training programs before and want to modify the training program, have to carry out strength tests to understand their own bodies. First, select a project to develop training programs and then tests the purpose is to understand their own limits and to the limit of 40% -60% of the intensity of a single group, to a certain group of the total number for each exercise. Adhere to regular exercise, strength tests should be done every month to adjust their own plans.

2. Pectoral:

from the outset that one can do if you are 50 times more than the standard push-ups, it is recommended you go to the gym through the barbell bench press and dumbbell exercises to increase muscle birds. If you are 50 times below the limit, then push the time being is still very effective.

Way: Do you limit × 40% -60% × 5 groups every day, interval of 120 seconds between the two groups.

Tip: strictly abide by the interval of time is intensity of the guarantee would like to try to exercise the pectoral muscles, you can slowly shorten stays in the distance between hands when you need to exercise every day.

3. Deltoid:

is your shoulder, and what they need is a dumbbell, or you can use 1.25-2.5 liter water bottles.

Practice: two hands each holding a dumbbell (bottle?), His arms extended as far as possible on both sides of the body, do not completely straight, arms and body into a 45-degree angle side of the dumbbell upward move quickly to the direction of 45 degrees with the body angle or so, began to slow back down in situ, single set of actions is fixed at 10 times better, to choose their own limits of 20 or so weight training load, each exercise do 8 group, interval time 120 seconds, two days for a cycle.

Tip: also need to strictly abide by the interval of time, the action point is that decentralization of power moves fast and slow movements, not for your own use smaller and the confidence of a major setback, I can push the play in the bench press 90KG time, training a dumbbell was used in less than 4KG oh.

4. 3 muscles: the lateral upper arm muscles

practices: two hands each holding a dumbbell, extended beyond its borders back of the head, brought up dumbbells, 15 as a group, choose the limits of the 25 or so weight training load, each exercise do 4-5 groups, each interval of 180 seconds a day, exercise

Tip: The best combination with other training methods to use

5. Biceps:

arm inside the muscle, Enhancing a place full of beauty

practices: hands each holding a dumbbell, arm close to the body, upper arm does not move, arm raised up to 10 as a group, select the weight limit of about 20 for the training load, each exercise six groups, each interval of 90 seconds daily exercise.

Tip: when you do the movements on both sides of the upper arm should be close to the body, physical integrity, do not shake, try to relax the wrist, to the feeling of dumbbells held out for good, but it does not matter to seize the dumbbell.

6. Abdominal:

approaches 1: supine, the leg on a stool or a small bed, so that the fundamental into the thigh and calf eyes and head-up 90-degree angle, repeat the rapid rise to see their knees. To do 3-4 a day groups, each group doing their own limits, rest 120 seconds between the two groups

practice 2: lying down, legs straight into the body quickly lifted up vertically, and then slow down (10 seconds), each group to do 15, from the day 3 group to start, and then used to increase the group number to six groups on the good.

Tip: Use the first two movements exercise, the best hand to the back of the head to seize something (not hair), abdominal skeletal muscle is not necessary to practice shooting skills to be a daily practice

1 to strengthen the standardization of practice shooting action . Shooting action with a single hand and both hands, regardless of what form, must be done strictly according to standardized movements. Develop and master the muscles feel when shooting is a priority in all pre-conditions, which should increase standardization of practice shooting action, and ultimately achieving dynamic stereotype.

2, improve the body's level of training. The degree of physical training to complete the basis for a variety of technical movements on the shooting has significant impact. Such as physical training, poor players, amount of exercise increases, the hit rate will significantly decreased. Therefore, shooting with the physical training should be combined, to a certain minimum time limit for the number of shooting intensity training, in order to intense competition, there is sufficient strength to ensure the stability of shooting and improvement.

3, choose a good shooting opportunity, decisive shot. A good shot opportunity is to improve the key to shooting, a good scoring chance with the team through individual and to create, and to be good at capturing the timing of shots. Shot by defender to observe the center of gravity, position, anti-distance, once the defenders lost the normal anti-bit, not interfere with shooting, or shooting those who use fake to lure defender lost focus, location, and anti-distance, the shot by creating shot opportunities, decisive shot. The use of team tactics created by the use of offensive and defensive opportunities or the time difference between both sides and space for the temporary difference immediately shot.

4, there must be a strong desire and self-confidence shot. A strong desire and self-confidence is to improve the shooting shooting the premise of the shooting plays an important role. In teaching those who make the shot to be a comprehensive exercise to master a variety of shooting skills, play to their initiative. In the normal response to the students a little more care, help, more encouragement and recognition to foster self-confidence of those shots.

5, and systemic stability, coordination and action shot training. Competition, often see some of those shots in the sudden loss of body balance the external force can still get the ball thrown, indicating the coordination of the body shots are good, shot the ball the moment, body and hands are relatively stable, space-time shot by a sense of strong, feeling good, strong self-confidence so that the whole shooting action force uniform, gentle movements, natural, coherent, smooth.

6, choose the right shot angle and shot the ball's flight path. According to science and practice proved that the angle shot the ball affects the ball flight path, the ball's flight path generally have a low arc, medium and high-arc three kinds of arcs, generally in the arc is the best. However, as shot distance from the players height and bounce the different qualities, so in the shot, the ball's flight path also different, in the training set according to the actual situation. At the same time, a stable psychological factors are also critical to learn self-regulation and self-psychological suggestion, not by the referees, venues, audience, atmosphere and the impact of scores to take reasonable and decisive action to shoot first, talk about the high defensive

lower my eyes, the angle between the thigh and to try to keep at 0 degrees to 30 degrees (that is, lowered center of gravity), slightly par feet wide, and upper body slightly forward in exploration, arms open, palms facing each other, one arm slightly higher, is used to interfere with the other ball, the other lower arm is used to interfere with each other the ball, specifically with the arm, depending on your habits and other specific offense circumstances.

In each other's moves with the sliding direction of movement. Sliding direction to which the pace is the first step on which only the legs, the other foot to follow (Do not blame me wordy, some common beginner mistake). Unless it is close defense, general defensive position when the station the other direction towards the basket to the other party may be passing you think the direction is slightly oblique.

Practicing defense is most important is the pace of training (mainly sliding), so that you can in time to intercept the other's attacks and the passing lanes, and make each other's fake you minimize the impact.

A practice method is to use my position began to introduce, in the course of about glide along the Z-line, upper limb must maintain the correct posture.

Another kind of exercise is in the restricted area, sliding around (usually two or three steps suffice) to the restricted area around sideline, looking at his hands touched restricted sideline, and then slide the other end, the same action.

The former can help you maintain a defensive posture correct, the latter can help you enhance steal or interfere with the other offensive physical coordination.

The other is the split step, the body is still maintaining the right defensive posture, feet up and down in situ beating constantly alternating with small steps, or the basketball court on the ground so that the slow rolling, and then split step forward to follow basketball. This training method can enhance the strength of your legs and your legs step speed of response.

No matter what kind of hair method, you have to put a lot of practice to receive significant results. Every time reaches you could not move his legs up.

First of all, inside the stations Defensive Player of consciousness determines whether there is the possibility of inhibiting opponents. Since the opponents are height advantage inside players, the inevitable post player with some features of the full use of the weaknesses of these features is very important. For example, most of the post player is not good in the long shot, this is a common failing of those who pitch height, even in the NBA are also unbeaten since Olajuwan, Ewing, Smith this group in the traditional sense of the best center retired, most of the inside players are the lack of capacity in the long shot, which is the current TD + Webber + KG inside and outside these lines are the only outstanding players dominate inside one of the reasons. Course at the amateur level, this feature is particularly evident in those who rule the roost inside the body or the embryo can be dominating inside they think they can ignore the outside most of the players ability to exercise, which set the Defensive Player of the great need for anti-post player in the top when avoid as much as possible the location of the ball near the basket. Once the ball left his position inside the familiar position, most of the post player will not choose to shoot, even chose to shoot, hit rate is much lower than the average hit rate of its inside; if the players choose outside the ball inside, then a breakthrough, but also would leave the possibility of double-team defensive side, defensive effect stronger than the direct call to their inner optimism.

Second, the need to complete even the offensive players a chance inside the ball less close defense, which is the Defensive Player of the psychological test. Defensive Player of the absolute need to sacrifice their personal skill statistics prepared for the race to both players at anywhere close interference, and as much as possible to block all of its space to the inside cut line. The key is to always keep both eyes at the same time you can see the ball players and their opponents on the players, and while ensuring that their own players and the basket at the right distance between the pairs of players around the location of a step, which is whether a reasonable defensive position a large standard. The definition of this position, you can protect any time players start being in their own eyes, and a timely block in its mobile route. (This is on the defensive position to judge the reasonableness appears to be simple, in fact, is the defensive player for a qualitative leap, when the location of the footprint to reach the point when the instinctive, defensive awareness is a brand new upgrade.)

Re-start say a purely technical issues now. And then there is no tight defensive players may be totally inhibited inside the ball inside the opportunity can do nothing more than to reduce its just as much as possible. Once on the players how to defend the ball inside.

All of the insider attack method of stripping its fundamental study cocoon snag no more than two kinds: one, forward line; 2, center line.

Forward line is characterized by a large basket catch with his back to the low singles,Through the speed and rhythm from the defensive player of the completion of shooting a very short moment; center line of a major feature of the anti-side of his back turned and shot baskets, a greater degree of inhibition by virtue of weight and height position of the completion of Defensive Player of the take-off score. Although in recent years, even in the professional arena NBA characteristics of these two signs have been slowly confusion, a lot of skilled forwards or the center can use these two basic methods, but only from the technical analysis of the attack means to remain inside can not get rid of these two areas.

Defensive offensive post player, more concerned about the bottom line is necessary, most of the post player to go the speed of the bottom line very quickly, but the bottom line being double-teamed the possibility of moving is far smaller than that to go to Road. Counterpoint forward players, defensive side of the moving speed equally important, and always maintain and offensive player of the physical contact, and as the offensive player's movement and the corresponding moving footsteps. Force and the reaction force is relative, when there is physical contact of the circumstances, the opponent's speed will be due to the contact there is a corresponding reduction. Exercise the power of his legs will be accounted for inside a critical role in the defense, regardless of any party to the offense inside to squeeze into the behavior should be positive with their bodies to withstand, due to all the action both hands, push outwards can be regarded as defensive foul, the strength of his legs and waist is more more important. The use of the body has become a true bastion of iron, even by the opponent's aggressive collision should not have to give opponents shot a concession to space.

"Figure poor dagger now," offensive side of all mobile and rely on the ultimate purpose is the completion of shooting. When the offensive player shots, it should fully take-off jamming, interference, rather than capping. Although the blocks can be frightened Ling Duishou can not all have to be a successful defense in order to seal an end, all attempts to complete the capping hundred percent of the defensive players eventually could not avoid the consequences of too many fouls (Of course, if the height advantage to achieve more than 30CM may wish to try). The best defense is to reduce the effect of opponent's hit rate, and because the distance inside the basket is always defensive player than offensive players should be close, you can get a more ideal position rebounds. Take-off interference a more effective means of blocking the shot's eyes by hand, from the shooting's fat hands and auxiliary power in the hands stretched its hands into the space between the offensive side of the observable basket interference with prospective head. Once the ball from the attacker's hands cast out, should immediately turn around to face the basket and grab rebounds squat posture to maintain the possibility of impulse at the moment squat and offensive players still should maintain an appropriate physical contact with their offensive players back block rebounding line.

Man inside there are a lot of defensive skills, but a lot of things have been part of the court on-site analysis is far more than lip service to the easy and clear, although the current focus on the amateur level on the pitch has been less and less defensive players, is still hope able to draw on all levels have to improve defensively.

Basketball court, winner takes all. Sharp attack is essential too, but not impregnable defense, in the advantages of the overall score will be a lot less. "Watch to see attack, winning defensive test", NBA classical idiom after many years of verification, proved to be correct.

However, many amateur basketball player's weakness is actually defensive, or say that they have not yet aware of their weakness is defense. What kind of defense be considered in place? From far and wide in basketball 7 years, the earliest practice the rebounds, because of the extreme lack of offensive power, there was a full 2-year, full-time defense, and wanted to talk about the defensive skills on the pitch and hope for the people, enhance their defensive capacity to help.

Defense can be divided into one-man defense and overall defense, defense refers to the main man is a personal defense capabilities, through hard practice, this point is through the tireless efforts and study, could be improved; while the overall defense refers to the on the team with the tactical defensive, which is just a taste of an individual team is not enough and needs to the team during an actual run-in. As the overall defense involved in many aspects, are not enumerated here, just a list of one-man defensive skills.

Man-defense involves many aspects.

Defensive perimeter players is the so-called "hot-pursuit."

Outside offensive player most of them would suddenly good cast, with advantages in speed, but also has a certain shooting and sub-ball ability. Opponent dribble time, should be kept slightly squatting posture, and always keep your body and the other in the center of gravity closer to the support of the hand dribbling foot, so that is conducive to each other when suddenly launched the follow-up, follow-up when the defensive player's body should always be maintained and offensive side of the head-on confrontation (if the other side you have a lot of pace is really fast, so that when the other side you had the time, pay attention to the pace of the follow-up sideways, it is likely to cause offense defense).

Outside of the pitcher often variable line through the dribble to create shots for 1-2 seconds to take such a defensive posture offensive side will rarely have the opportunity to fully get rid of your control, even if the shot shot, then also because you The close of the decline in hit rate due to interference. All the pitchers all have a shot inevitable prelude to action, that is, the transport is ready to receive the ball, or shot the ball, since the body move too far in front of the Aiming basket, if the offensive side of this movement where the speed is not fast , you can move the ball through his chest when the shot Paidiao, even without a successful offensive players shoot the ball control, will also be a large extent, interfere with their shooting rhythm.

For the outside players fake (pretend to attract Defensive Player of the jump shot after the break), the basic skills in man-mark on a bit, that is, when the other false moves, to bow their heads to see whether his feet off the ground from the ground, then the full take-off should be promptly sealed , regardless of whether it can be sealed off, at least make a sealed position to make shots when the other players have taken into account, if the player dribble your feet off the ground is not the case, it should continue to focus on preparations for each other's dribbling a breakthrough.

In addition to a ball outside the players other than player, but also whether the collusion of the ball running to prepare the players, defensive players so it should be within the scope of your control, leaving him one step within the required distance of at least palpable, location keep your eyes on should also see the ball players and your defensive player without the ball (this is very important, this point is to identify the location of an important defensive player standards). Always maintain your defensive player without the ball dynamics, once found him to accelerate the corresponding acceleration immediately stop the offensive side and the position between the basket.
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Some teachers teach, the best. Basketball fight go to class, or what basketball training camp. The most important first right to have a comprehensive understanding of basketball.



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