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Computer 2K10 create their own characters, can not enter the NBA, but also, the highest figure is no

Mori, Aberdeen VV2010-03-06 01:10:47 +0000 #1

and_Fan2010-03-06 01:13:37 +0000 #2
Do you mean the MP (that is my player) mode Mody ?

self-built characters.

is into the NBA, as long as you have a good performance then.

to go through college game. like 10 games or five games.

and then it seems that internal training match.

and then I saw your performance .

to see directly into the NBA, or put under the NBDL.

if delegated, then it should be more performance. in order to return to NBA.

the latter figure is not a record when the NBA to play games I do not understand the meaning oh sentence.

slam dunk either, if you bounce too low, or else dunk value is too low.

in the property which can be added.

every game you will get some points.

I have a 1580 peak.

you are most Good will be able to keep each task have been completed.

so that there are about 1300 or so points so that you add a point.

If the English can not read the words inside.

can play in Chinese patch.

have been out of the. Star or Ranger in the homeless have a .3 Dgame.

(right. dunk, and when to speed up the keys. usually shoot button, and to close to the basket)



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