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Mew Mew to adopt a flower2010-03-06 04:10:39 +0000 #1
Height 188CM Weight 58Kg Show Jumping on the arm. . .

Play scoring Wei and how small the former kind of amateur play
20,051,4042010-03-06 04:15:08 +0000 #2
Your scoring Wei exactly this height, a little money, if too short, and to learn from Wade yo! Hehe ---

once again give you a experience: shooting guard (Shooting Guard), its not hard to learn the meaning of words, he scored major task. His field is second only to a small forward's second-leading scorer, but he did not need to practice like a small forward in general singles skill, because he often helped him find the gap by a teammate after the shooting. But it's precisely because of this, outside of his head and the stability of the prospective to be very good.

Shooting guard often must do two things first is to have a good gap to vote outside, so he's outside the head and the stability of a certain quasi-better, or else a good teammate hardships he denied the opportunity but investment does not go in, then to the team's morale and confidence to deal with considerable. The second is to find the gap in the small gap to vote outside, so he shot is faster. A good point guard can not waited so well each time interval, should be able to in a very short period of time to find the opportunity to come forth, while the hit rate must have a certain standard, the case, in order for the enemy's defense has of the old ways, we must pull defensive circle, but more conducive to offensive teammates in the prohibited zone.

That said, scoring shooting guard must be a high Luo? Is not true. Because although we hope he has a good quasi-head, but do not forget the distance of his shot is often a considerable distance, and we can not hope that a vote outside shooter than people want to associate to the basket to play board hit rate is still high bar! What's more, shooting guard and sometimes have to look for opportunities to their singles shot, or to find cracks in the human gap, so he's hit rate will not be too high, and this is understandable. In general, can Daosi Cheng seven, four into eight even pretty good, over half of it is the last choice.

Want to give my reward points! ! !
wang523562010-03-06 04:59:54 +0000 #3
haungnature2010-03-06 04:43:24 +0000 #4
amateur play what position also control how to fight how smoothly you are too skinny to play Bai
Great Wall long Yellow River Yellow2010-03-06 05:00:35 +0000 #5
You too skinny now? Amateur nor OK ah! One meter of the nine heads, at least not 75 kilograms?

Amateur play, your height is the height of center and forward, but your body weight. . . Even the guard will not work ah.

Do not say to play basketball, you are hardly even healthy. First a good exercise, Chi Pang then we'll talk! !
Steel 7 with 992010-03-06 05:25:48 +0000 #6
a good thin ah, playing the small front you are suddenly not enter the
Master Chau Island master2010-03-06 06:55:50 +0000 #7
Bacheng is a professional team on the first floor, 188 before the attack and not enough for short?

I am 186cm, 80KG, playing great before (and sometimes play center)

However, it is Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. 58KG lighter, in theory at least 188cm to more than 70 KG bar, your body weight so light, is not recommended to play inside, physical confrontation will be in trouble , the best to enhance strength training

it simply, a small pre-request the Technical comprehensive, speed bounce, can fast break and support under the backboard. Defensive when the footsteps are sufficiently flexible (regional defense defensive small forward when the mission is very important)

shooting guard and two-thirds vote required in the shooting, as well as a certain speed, if, and a breakthrough-type guard right place, the pace will be very inflexible, then lose

If you have a habit of pitching on the outside scoring position, technology comprehensively carry a small front (somewhat rather high)

In short, multi-fitness bar, not too skinny

No one is pasted, only my personal views



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