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I am 16 years old, but only 1.6 meters bounce is not OK how playing basketball

604,308,7012010-03-06 05:10:22 +0000 #1
I am 16 years old, but only 1.6 meters bouncing how playing basketball is not OK I was a rookie and a dozen others, could not break him and I do not shoot how Quasi-I am now worried I really want to lay the ball is always impossible, but desperate !!!!!! I can only rely on the basket I do not know how to use the pop-up to the wrist force the ball enough so I only shot 3-shot edge free throw with others also hop Caixing when playing on the Blue Line Do I not inherently destined to be a loser on the court do? I would like to pitch with tall or strong bitter rivals contend I am not afraid, only you can play basketball Enhancing Some people say that you can master the basic skills which then allows me to teach the basic skills in all aspects of what is how to train
Soul_SilK2010-03-06 05:18:10 +0000 #2
Oh, little brother, I am also come from you at that time

I am now in the professional basketball to know that I am 16 years old

3 is also just the beginning of contact with basketball

but not as good as you is, when I think they played well, at least you also know what lack of it can be a lot easier

First of all to first teach you a defense, defense does not have a very strong body, does not need a fast speed and a very good bounce, as long as you have a defensive mind and consciousness, everything can be done.

The face than you and strong opponents, he was strong hit you, you do not have with him hard top, top things about his top 2 when you withdraw the next step, let him lose focus, and then from the side to interfere with his dribble, remember is an interference rather than copy, because in the regular game copied a great chance of a foul ball!

Second, faced with the speed faster than your opponent, do not join efforts to fight his speed, location, location is the most critical, you seal his walking route, he could not pass you, you can only withstand the basket, We should know that defenders away from the basket More recently, he was way more than you run.

Remember, without your Fangbu Zhu person, only you can not prevent the person!

And then there are you shooting, and shooting there is no trick, only by practicing a day, cast 1000 or 2000 practice shooting the ball

This is the most basic things, one-third of the ball the same, but also through training, do you think the strength is not enough , do not rely on to cite dumbbells to enhance the strength of arm, this will only interfere with your shots, or to rely on shooting practice to cast three points, no power is not it? From 2 pm start practicing, the more investment and greater, over time, three-point line is no longer far away!

The other is the cap you mentioned the issue, we must first correct you this idea:

cap handsome yes, but it is not the purpose of defense! A successful defense is to compel him to mistake or a hasty shot, or not very comfortable with the case of his hand, does not have to be considered a good defensive cover his opponent, when defensive specialist Bruce Bowen, he often blocks Mody? No, but his defense was first-class league, because he is a cheat and a defensive mind, he can defend KOBE, or even several times physically stronger than his little emperor, because he did not fear! Defense relied on the pace, rather than speed, accurate pre-judgment and flexible footwork is the key to defense!

Here I am speaking inconvenient, first to help you Zheme Xie, what I do not know + Q asked me: 330885303
me8023Cc2010-03-06 05:54:28 +0000 #3
O `` ```` you are a male junior high school is to grow the fastest when When you want to lose time for exercise, exercise itself can be a long `` As for the game of high-Well, in fact rely on their own, although the height is also important, but more importantly, under the pains, no one born of cattle `` ` both rely on training, hard training `` `
, but people are very critical to guide you, you want to find people to learn.
grandgrosse2010-03-06 06:22:02 +0000 #4
focus on what speed
zj199208132010-03-06 06:58:52 +0000 #5
play space, practice with, assists, open shots
stephen0412010-03-06 06:57:37 +0000 #6
Basketball = strength + speed + agility

height to decide is your position, bouncing is not a priority.
cxpkzyg2010-03-06 07:02:23 +0000 #7
...... you really ready?

Listen to what you say you like the basic skills that is, approximately the same as not. .

Want to practice shooting every day within the designated 3-point line shooting non-stop for more than half an hour a year later to vote you the basics a little bit of basic operator training of the

to dribble left and right hands each day, delivered a shot to start the first leg fixed on the stand Win a year and a half hours a day there, after a bit of basic fundamental skills of the operator

As for the bounce. I am now 81 youth team that's 师兄 6.30 am every day with both hands grasp the horizontal bar on the up and forced to squat and then jump up and then pay close attention to the horizontal bar to pull down his repeated dozens of minutes

As for the layup nonsense I do not have a bar 3 stepping each location are practicing

As for the speed of the first long-distance running and training and then Sprinting

morning exercises every morning morning run our school teams have risen at 6 am then jump rope skipping

night, doing the push-ups and sit-ups before going to bed

anyway practicing three hours a day a year later you could be considered a bit of basic training on the basics of three years who can almost be counted on the master of the

呵呵 hear me say that you also prepared to practice Mody I was crazy from the 13-year-old began a day-type When practicing the basic 16-year-old secondary school is in our predecessors, of course, we in the school team is the first city



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