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When the ball singles can also contact the other hand do?

q1231815222010-03-06 05:10:48 +0000 #1
Singles back to back, I was right-handed ball, then I can use this time to help me cover the ball left-handed. Can I ask my hand over each other to steal the ball harder to withstand do? Or hand come into contact with his body to achieve the role of the cover of the ball?
ming_4272010-03-06 05:26:36 +0000 #2
can be. but pay attention to action. Louzhu carefully watched the NBA \ CBA game, then you will find a lot of people when you are dribbling with your other hand to do a cover, but noted that the actions of people can not have pushed.

Lou Zhu fight back, then, if it is 1 to 1, it should be noted that the power should be back, do not let the other side after they dodge ball knock down, take the ball delivered to the other side reach.

If it is in the race, please look around a little attention to the situation. most of the cases is the virtue of the experience.
, then turned back to fight the need to pay attention not to have to push the left hand action, that is, the elbow joint should not have significant activity.

I do not know Lou Zhu comprehension.

the final say under the basic concept of basketball foul: a violation of the cylinder. Everyone has a their own cylinder, to do with a ball attack or defense. If there is physical contact, the one occupying the other cylinder, is liable for the foul. Louzhu the cover of the so-called left-handed is also this principle. in the cylinder, conducted its own, but it must not infringe upon the other cylinders, such as pushing people. Louzhu

want to help.
dawn FREEDOM2010-03-06 05:56:54 +0000 #3
arm can stand up, and slowly advancing into the lane, but can not take any action, otherwise fouled
hellowoniu2010-03-06 05:25:23 +0000 #4
retaining the ball, you can withstand, and Hu Zhu their appropriate regions, but not significantly hair force, or to be blown foul, on and card bit like pushing people too even if the force of the bar.
Downhill 1592010-03-06 05:43:42 +0000 #5
contact may, but can not withstand the pushing
yan77122502010-03-06 06:49:39 +0000 #6
Yes, but do not have much action. For instance, your hand under normal circumstances, when the cover is curved or straight stand up the other side, do not suddenly stretched or there is other similar movements pushing people on it.
sdgoben2010-03-06 06:49:26 +0000 #7
force can not be .. you can rack up ..

there you are basically back to play most of your body can already block each other's hand to steal the ball ..

if he is forced to steal the ball .. the side that you have a turn not to do after a basketball team ..

I was the absolute main! -



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