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How to play small forward

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1000 Wind snow2010-03-06 07:24:25 +0000 #2
Basketball ultimate aim is to score, no matter which position should be to score as a precondition. Learn the basics in the first shot, the small pre-and organizations should have a high hit rate anywhere. Enhancing long shot in which one-third of an edge. Enhancing the flexibility of the body, followed by small pre-break should be and the good, to be able to achieve surprise Gongqibubei, so that the other party simply can not know you. Organizations should be very good leadership and ability to judge the audience, but also to be able to achieve, when the team that others can not score when the guard suddenly you can go directly to a person with the ball scores.

No matter which location, at the company under the premise of a solid basic skills, how much match, and only in the race in order to improve their own. Refueling
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