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CBA foreign teachers and Jason Deng Germany What progenitor? Former NBA coaches do?

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Hua Germany's basketball coaching career came from Michigan State University, in the period from 1989 to 1993, where he served as assistant coach position, followed by the 93 end of the season, he joined the New Jersey Nets to become the team's scout and assistant general manager. A year later he went to Mo Hayder State University as an assistant coach, which is located in Kentucky, is the state's eight state universities in one.

1996 Hua Germany left the American continent, went to the British Isles to start a new life, where he first became a team coach. BBL in the UK league, he not only served as head coach and also served as team manager, eventually led his own team three times reached the league finals.

2001 he again returned to the United States, this came to the Charlotte Hornets still in the hands of Silas as an assistant coach until 2003.

Summer of 2003, Silas bid farewell to the Hornets, came to the Cleveland Cavaliers, LeBron James became the first coach of Germany are also chase Deng came to Cleveland with Silas. Here he helped Silas completed a successful upgrade of the Cleveland Cavaliers, so that the emperor's knights just received a small team in both offensive and defensive ends radiate out of a brand-new look.

The summer of 2004, Deng resigned from the Germany job in Cleveland, but his contribution to the team also received a small emperor's trust. During the Olympic Games in Athens, he has served as little emperor's personal trainer. After the Olympics, his ABA basketball league in the United States, a coach finding a seat.

In 2005 after Deng Germany stray once again around the world ,05-07 basketball team, he went to Brazil, in 2007 went to the University of Birmingham, Alabama for a year as an assistant coach, and then went to Ukraine, where he led the team set a team record history.

Deng Germany's most well-known is his cultivation of young players, in addition to guided than James, in his years as an assistant coach in the NBA, has guided the Hornets Jamal Mashburn, Davis, knights during the Boozer Er, as well as Brazilian Nene and so on.

Jason since 1999 has been in the U.S. NCAA (University League) as coach. Jason can be obtained from a large number of competitors the chance workout, complete with its outstanding curriculum vitae. In the big teams such as the forest NCAA, Jason had been led for 6 years, reached the quarter-finals, and in 2007 was named NCAA coach of one of the best.



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