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2010 NBA team inside the issue! ! !

hello white chocolate2010-03-06 11:11:03 +0000 #1
Now NBA teams playing the inside which there are a few? The Lakers Spurs Jazz personally feel good inside, the Nuggets can be, there is no other team can only eat these strong inside team? How the team should be like the face inside play? There are now inside the offense in general but the inside is not just a superior defensive Nuggets inside three people group, the Nuggets were inside three legendary beasts group type?
616,076,6522010-03-06 11:15:54 +0000 #2
more dependent on the inside of the Lakers. San Antonio Spurs. Magic (near the grasp of Warcraft plate) for the Lakers Spurs daughter. Tim Duncan are the axis. System and the lack of them to switch it up. Nuggets inside can only say in general.马丁安德森 are not ball attack, which hit a ball inside the can from time to time. Low technology team is actually the best melon, and then had three tall and 210 no. 209 it looks like Nene.马丁安德森 on the 205. . . Air defense capability is not enough (Do not look at Anderson cap Meng) beast-type? Nene, a good body. Martin injuries the past few years now will not. Anderson, a drug man. . . . Nuggets fight is not inside. Clearly outside the core of Anthony. Than Lu. Ventilation JR. Anthony also would not hold the ball offense. Once the injury can only be used than Lu Anthony Carter had. As long as a hang over Lu. Nuggets would be finished. . . Union, the strongest or the Lakers inside. Daughter. An pigs. Lama can be a guest Omae. Then there is a judo black belt, muscular female parent plus. . . . . Idiot inside defense is not bad.
McDonald's Na2010-03-06 11:50:51 +0000 #3
insider strongest teams may now do not see the Lakers come out

into the offseason, you'll see the Lakers come out strong inside a

pioneer in jazz is not the main main inside inside style of tough watching the team just want to fight inside the team to play jazz insiders are basically floating inside the

main Zhan Zhuang is sitting inside players are not playing a strong inside scoring
Bill James2010-03-06 11:19:33 +0000 #4
Lakers began as main lane, then we should look at Kobe Bryant of the
melancholy Small brushes2010-03-06 12:12:53 +0000 #5
personally feel that the Knights of the broken end inside the team, inside there are four rebounds, there are in the cast, there is strong body to fight back, there is a diver's. And while O'Neal and large Z are not a kind of old, but after all, is the traditional center of the heritage, the basket terrible, but in dealing with the current type and able to run most of the outside of the center, the Brazilian actor can be more of. Inside face of the team, center must be strong to eat, I feel strong to eat they do not succeed do not rely on the outside of the Kao Pu. The reason why the Nuggets inside tiger, or because Feng Wei online to each other too much pressure, to a certain extent liberated the inside, but a go-between Billups is also an important part of its success.

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