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Chinese Men's Basketball improper tactics

Captain2010-01-22 12:01:15 +0000 #1
Wang and easy to both stand on the sidelines and did not Iran's hard-hit on the 15th, resulting in easy to become almost useless, while the other half on the 15th almost no foul, and when he committed three games later, Wang and easy ability to be reflected, this is improper Guo Shiqiang tactical reasons, I think that Iran should play strong inside, playing not enter it does not matter, the key is anti-them inside, especially on the 15th, only the anti-insider, we have the periphery will have shots.
mime882010-01-22 12:10:33 +0000 #2
the failure of this game the one hand, the coach's tactics is used inappropriately, on the other hand the competition in the process of choosing the right people, always with just a handful of players, did not say injured on the field on the market are sufficient to tired! In short, this failure is the past tense, I hope the team a good summary of the next game we would be reckoned with bar!
Strong personality tenderness2010-01-22 12:46:12 +0000 #3
not a tactical problem. Mindset.
With the call over to the2010-01-22 13:08:30 +0000 #4
said, there are still some truth in this race believe that all of the fans are angry, as you say, that there are some tactical issues, However, if the mentality of the players is good, do not underestimate the enemy, play the original levels, anti-good inside, like you said on the 15th, the result would not be so bad, yeah. . 1 Xiangqilaijiu angry, prize-giving, the less a bit sad, other people still laugh? They also laughed out the door to play in their own homes lost in such a tragic, as well as face funny? Little say in general, the coaches and players have some problems. .
Wind2010-01-22 13:09:44 +0000 #5
Chinese male blue defeat Iran, is entirely the coach's strategic missteps and tactics very poor adaptability, please Guo Shiqiang immediately after class!
Lone Maple Autumn Ridge2010-01-22 14:28:06 +0000 #6
purely tactical problem! Coach is entirely a question of capability!
Pacers2010-01-22 13:04:19 +0000 #7
take a look at photos, I can see from the Internet, in time to be runner-up prize went so far as there are players in the casual titter, (of course runner-up team is also not possible, but the boss got 2nd in Asia really do not ridiculous) there I said, interviews with Liu Wei, he said, the whole body strong and so not, (which is not saying that at the time not come out to play, under the tactical), and, if Yao comes under win game, (which is , then waiting for Yao Ming Come on, I should think we have to win the next Yao Ming is not in competition) are in the market's performance, how can thinking about how to find men's internal problems. If the internal lack of unity, is to lose sooner or later, the spirit does not collapse, even if you have a super-class level, also "lost."



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