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What kind of situation would have been blown defensive three seconds?

Hidden wing2010-01-22 12:01:35 +0000 #1
I think Iran will always be defensive center Hada Di district to stay in 3 seconds 56 seconds the time will not be blown defensive three seconds, and why?
wang0035687462010-01-22 12:08:20 +0000 #2
Defensive three seconds an overview of

in the NBA, the "defensive three seconds," refers to the defensive player standing on the provisions of the district defensive three seconds, if the referee found that he "did not go to defense to any one particular offensive player ", then the defensive player will not be able to stay in the district for more than three seconds, three seconds, otherwise you will be regarded as" defensive three seconds unauthorized "access to a free-throw line by the attacking team, and continues to maintain offensive Right.

Accordance with the rules, referees and make the penalty is based on defensive players and offensive players around him the distance, to within an arm's length; that is, if the defensive player closest to the offensive player more than one arm distance, referees will be found that he did not go to defend the offensive player.

Note: The "defensive three seconds," was recorded in the NBA as a technical foul, like a team in a single game, such as occurred in two "defensive three seconds," he appearance of expulsion.

[Edit this paragraph] What is the illegal

3 seconds 3 seconds offense is divided into offensive and defensive 3 seconds 3 seconds

Defensive 3 seconds: 3 seconds means the defender standing at the starting area at about 1 m near the offensive player does not, its again in the lane to stay longer than three seconds, then it is seen as defensive three seconds three seconds, if the two offenses, then they would even be a fine one enforcement penalties.

Attack three seconds: that offensive player without the ball or attack the case of action or intention to stay in the paint more than three seconds, then be regarded as offensive three seconds, and the right to exchange the ball punishment!

Take Yao defensive Aopang example. If Aopan standing three seconds outside the region stuck to the ball Yao Yao pushed to 3 seconds the area, the defensive process, Yao can stay in the 3 seconds the region more than 3 seconds. If Aopan 3-point line, the Yao people have no defense, but his standing in the region 3 seconds, then if he stays more than three seconds would be blown defensive 3 seconds offenses.

[Edit this paragraph] "3 second" rule

1, a team the ball, the team members stay in each other's restricted area shall not exceed the continuous 3 seconds.

2, restricted zones in all lines belong to the restricted area as part of any front-line players hit in the restricted area are considered.

3, 3-second limit in all cases are valid throw. It is computed from the players throw the ball in bounds can handle (the ball into play state) began the moment.

4, 3-second limit does not apply to:

1, when shooting the ball is airborne.

2, when the rebound.

3, into the dead ball.

5, the team members to stay within the restricted area close to 3 seconds, can he dribble shot acquiescence.

Violation of this rule is illegal.

Note: the team does not control the ball there would be no offense of this rule.

Is tight defensive player

was closely guarded (within the normal step) of the ball players to five seconds pass, investment, rolling or dribbling.

Violation of this rule is illegal.

[Edit this paragraph] basketball how to divide the paint

the first 3 seconds district and now we see the difference in the first 3 seconds area of 6 feet (equivalent to meters, then, about 1.83M or so), for the players , the edge of the score in the region is still quite easy, but because the rules are for all the NBA players, but also pretty fair, Party B can be easily completed in the region, the edge of unusual shots (which is also creating 51 -52 before the NBA season, averaging almost one of the causes of terror). However, the rules for this GeorgeMikan subversion should really take full responsibility. This is the NBA in the history of the first true superstar, in addition to leading the Lakers swept 48-54 years, 7 years in six NBA titles and the first Hall of Fame members, may be the deepest impression of all is that he, as forced the union to change the rules of the first great players of the historic powerful effects.

As the original 6-foot-3 seconds district is almost entirely not constitute GeorgeMikan threat, so ,51-52 season, the league announced that the rule of force in order to limit GeorgeMikan inside, 3 second zone expanded to 12 feet (equivalent to meters, about 3.66 meters or more, ). May be contrary to the League, the new 3-second rule limits GeorgeMikan offensive capability, while the other strikers are more limited, a greater degree of success created GeorgeMikan the backboard to the successful acquisition of 52,53 for two consecutive season's rebounding title.

The second rule, because of their inner strength of forced to make alliances to modify the rules for the restricted area inside player is WiltChamberlain. In addition to single-game 100 points, 55 boards and a single market for 18 consecutive hits such as investment, as human beings do not come away from the achievements, WiltChamberlain League 64-65 season, forcing three seconds to begin to expand restricted to 16 feet (about 4.88 meters or more) and expansion area is what we are watching the left and right field with two colors of rectangular areas of color.

After two inside a terrorist-type player shook off three seconds is the region we are seeing now 3 seconds area, chat history, finished 3 seconds, come back to talk about 3 seconds zone rules are easy to overlook details.

First, 3 seconds area is a surface area and the definition of this and all other NBA space is defined as unity. In other words, if an offensive player both feet in 3 seconds outside the region, while the body back to dance willow-like distortions in the 3 seconds in-line assumes that the space at the top of more than three seconds, then (assuming this exists), there will be no attack on suspected offenders;

second, 3 seconds area is defined as any offensive side of the site it touches the ground. Suppose a player's feet, attacking a foot in 3 seconds within the region, while a foot in the case from outside the area took place more than three seconds, then 3 seconds of the act constitutes a restricted law;

Third, most of the NBA's customary penalty If the A team is backed by fast-break offensive rebounds and that pose an immediate threat to participate in fast-break offensive side players get access to one's own offensive rebounds, while teammate has his feet in the B team in the region of 3 seconds, the referee whether or not the offensive player is stuck closed more than 3 seconds are basically whistled (This is a lot of referees for the 3-second rule of the unwritten finds that the League has yet to find the standard penalty for this case, a written statement, but the actual operation does exist.).

Fourth, defensive 3 seconds, NBA defensive 3 seconds offenses with penalties. A specific definition of a certain defensive player of the offensive side of the bit players not in zone 3 seconds or 3 seconds at the edge, and the offensive side of the bit players have broken free from the defensive player of team-bit circumstances (in writing the rules defined as "non-close defense of ", the penalty in the distance as one arm above), defensive players still remaining in the restricted area of more than 3 seconds can be regarded as defensive 3 seconds offenders.

In fact, NBA, CBA 3 seconds regional comparison of international standards of venue to the smaller, more easy to form near the bottom-line position of the ball inside players the opportunity, and low catch rates would be more awareness. This instinctive sense of the formation of post player later, when the international competitions like Olympic or WorldChampion the opportunity presented itself, a lot of NBA post player showed a considerable degree of not adapting.

3 seconds the emergence of historical allusion to this rule are numerous in the future, along with the NBA to strengthen exchanges with the international basketball, believe that there may also be improved and changed, but the NBA rule changes for its prudence and independence, the future 3 seconds will be? No one knows, are only estimates as the two predecessors did, to force the players union to change the rules should not be closed again, but will move closer to a greater extent toward the FIBA standards.

Amateur basketball's case, there is no rule 3 seconds of the closed area restrictions, but a little more restricted understanding of the rules and I believe that watching the games is still useful.
With the call over to the2010-01-22 12:07:38 +0000 #3
in the lane where there is no defense has been blown foul



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