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Defender audience how to play?

chentian602010-03-06 14:11:42 +0000 #1
I am a typical point guard classes are also good at dribbling a breakthrough


Why do I mainly rely on game-play is not likely to hit a sudden feeling of breaking a will Bushang Yi


basically both jumper

am puzzled why?
xx is a non-mainstream2010-03-06 14:19:14 +0000 #2
point not only to master the rhythm as well as control signals offensive teammates

ah what must be mastered by you

see you are playing defense or man to man marking. .

See you still a student. . So there is no too complicated tactics. .

If the defense five people have their own stations you want to master the offensive rhythm. . Several other people to mobilize appropriate for years. .

And do not alone. . Independence is taboo. . Unless you really school invincible, but you have to have that strength. .
HU Xiang-nan2010-03-06 14:34:15 +0000 #3
point guard and there are differences between sub-Wei Wei basic is to control the ball with Daoqian Chang and organizations that attack

You play like you want to stabilize the situation Do not worry I've seen you can slow down off the front pass or shoot the chance to break his hope that this answer can help you
iamkyomwb2010-03-06 15:08:22 +0000 #4
breakthrough in the next one is divided into the ball

vision must broaden our field of vision while I do not like how
bo Germany2010-03-06 14:59:32 +0000 #5
Personal suggest you go and see the Utah Jazz 90's and Stockton, Karl Malone partner (guard) video you will get a lot of inspiration that is smart NBA guard Steve Nash of the play now I think it is the most intelligent look at the video more than you more to pay attention to those traditional guard The play you will know

it is worth saying that wanted a point guard to be qualified to have the dedication, the opportunity to come out the first time allocated to teammates, as well as team-mate is not open fire when you be able to come forward to score. (What point guard, the Chinese basketball is not, in fact, the organization is biased and partial offensive guard guard)

well you think you are a person and someone will break through onto the list. Now students in general are playing defense the entire tournament, so rely on the rapid dispatch the ball to rotate defensive line, and then use an empty teammates Paowei cutting without the ball, or pick and rolls to form a small local multi-play situation. Then you fill the break after the people, you just happy to pass it will certainly be more than one teammate is unguarded, and to believe him, it wants to wear the ball.

Generally bar itself is so much more refined look at the video really all right Help
rookie Affan2010-03-06 15:07:12 +0000 #6
My personal experience is for you to talk about, first, a solid basic skills is not enough, as a defender the main task is to control the rhythm game to control the pitch of all the players, not only to see team-mate, we must see each other in order to be effective offensive defense, basketball is not a human, is 10 individuals! Must also have endurance, able to run, space is running out, not so out!

2, the psychological quality, the real competition is and the usual half-court with the ball, there is great difference between, for half played very well and will not play a full match too many people! Will gradually play every confidence! With the tacit understanding will be possible to share the moment with the eye in order to play a perfect co-ordination!

3. Tactics, the simplest defense is man to man marking defense



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