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I am 12 years old. 155 centimeters. Government regularly stays together. To play basketball very kee

55635541232010-03-06 17:10:39 +0000 #1
Tell me.谢谢.
tang_ji_he_de2010-03-06 17:17:16 +0000 #2
First push-ups on the abdominal muscles is not good, can change from 2.

Will not grow any taller it is difficult to answer this question, it relates to many aspects. Is not recommended to measure bone age, first to spend money. More than a certain quasi-second. The third test will come out low, then the psychological shadows, more Changbu Gao.

Here is my own with some of the recommendations (I am 183cm)

1 to play basketball will help grow any taller, then to drink milk, two cups a day, eat eggs (soft-boiled eggs), day two, if you want to eating fried eggs, then, it is best to use olive oil. Do not always play basketball field, a certain little time to raise the level. Do systems practice. For example touch rebounds, several groups per day (can not touch touch the Nets), ligament stretch (very encouraged high), you can kick down the bar after hanging a basketball Council (upside down a little bit better, but dangerous) * ·····( this exercise a lot can go online look for)

over 2 sleep, about 10 went to bed, you are ready.

3 eat black food such as nuts, sesame seeds, etc. (TCM)

4 a

I wish you did not grow any taller O (∩ _ ∩) O-
words 丶2010-03-06 17:54:30 +0000 #3
Council. More than 170 bar
July · love2010-03-06 17:41:09 +0000 #4
this hard to say .. a look at the genetic a genetic look at your own

I wish you could grow to an ideal height
zui resistant to You2010-03-06 18:18:19 +0000 #5
You just slept ... ... ... ... eat meals on the will definitely be high ... ... basketball is indeed quite long height ... ... ... ... I was always playing now meter eighty six of the ... ...
continue to feel trapped2010-03-06 17:44:15 +0000 #6
drink milk, you will be higher
milk-yuan2010-03-06 19:45:23 +0000 #7
about 185 or so bar
bb_qws2010-03-06 19:11:20 +0000 #8
22517942010-03-06 18:53:39 +0000 #9
as long as the drink Sanlu, in general, 175 is not a problem!



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