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Please talk about the failure of Chinese Men's Basketball

learning-based2010-01-22 13:01:11 +0000 #1

heart sky high2010-01-22 13:14:07 +0000 #2
Chinese Basketball Jiugen Rockets Kunitari similar failure is not one person's problem with the system, players have a relationship between the leadership of coach , including social commercial considerations also be called the Department, there are reasons for many, this time mainly coach too young, inexperienced, lack of day joint exercises
xvfengchu_se9wl2010-01-22 13:30:56 +0000 #3
1, Blue co-employment idea problem! (From the selection had begun, and Li Chunjiang is a multi-good coach呀)

2, West spent much of the U.S. mercenaries to enhance strength.

But if Li Chunjiang command, the Chinese team still make sport of champions!
United Kingdom2010-01-22 13:22:41 +0000 #4
Chinese team coach is not seriously or improper tactics will inevitably lead to this fiasco. Although the West Asia made rapid progress in basketball, but the Chinese men's basketball the same times, first-class players in Asia, why is Yao Ming Lao Shina things, this is not a failure reason. By no means is this a Yao Ming 20 points gap. We lost the fighting spirit of our triumph, our team spirit, we are proud of their own advantages. The game can be said to defeat a full range of Chinese basketball, in addition to Big Zhi to play a normal person, other people almost all the deep mud in general, there is no Jingqi Shen at all.

We need is not a star-studded team, we need to be able to play is a momentum play the spirit of the team played with the team, not yet had time to give up a fight on the basic game, it is to make the fans understand. Tired days of wars of conquest? Players with injuries? The weak spot of command? These are not sufficient to give a satisfactory answer fans are, or comfort reasons. The problem is a direct result of their own race lost the main reason the results should not be attributed to individuals. Basketball is a team project, from coach to players, to all aspects of people must have self-examination in the end the problem lie? Why should we lose, and lose the so miserable?

After the game fans on the coach's challenge is also not unreasonable, the coach's spot command, personal qualification, the cohesion of the team down, state poor, a lack of confidence, the overall loss of control, are the direct cause of failure of the Chinese national team.

Final wound, has demonstrated a deeper reality, we should make an introspection exposed under its own problems. Wang and easy behind a high degree of exposure in the media under the players, as well as a few can live up 15 years ago, golden generation "technology, a comprehensive, characterized by prominent" It's eight characters of the reviews? There are several critical moment longer withstand the pressure, rely on technology to turn into combat? Which 12 people, is already China's 12 most outstanding basketball team. They can not solve the problem, who will be resolved? Asian Championships, the Chinese Basketball Association needs a good sum up, this not a personal matter, nor is it a short-term problem, the Chinese way out for basketball, we must begin to change from the root.
Night Phantom of the Opera2010-01-22 14:57:16 +0000 #5
I feel nothing to do with the player's personal ability,

coach need to bear the major responsibility for,

whether it is tactical or spot command, substitutions,

can not wishful people.

Like WZZ a row in the third quarter the score was 10 points

but the coach is to catch up to the fourth quarter is said to be in order to put WZZ fight

IV up for down time to cool down the whole feel

all until the last race of the

this time is not to fight, waiting for when?
with the call as to the2010-01-22 14:15:17 +0000 #6
Guo Shiqiang arrangements tactics, so that team, "so strong and not" team attitude is not correct, or will relax, etc., is not dead anti-insider . Which No. 15, Wang and several people, a critical moment is very stable, although got a bit, but the basketball and can not rely on one or two people to win the game, just like the teacher said the same roof, it is not a person, We have to unite ah, not more than that, and the coaches and players have a responsibility to defeat.
Phone 16370384332010-01-22 14:27:32 +0000 #7
players is poor, has been assimilated Football
yuxiaodongwang2010-01-22 15:09:53 +0000 #8
Iranians are tough people who had had the strength to win
Favorites Nature2010-01-22 14:20:26 +0000 #9
players Shuada Pai; coaching ability and coaching methods have problems; players and coaches of the conflict, resulting in Unreasonable failure!



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