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shpd7132010-01-22 13:03:44 +0000 #2
after the closing date of the FIBA Asian Championship in the world rankings, China ranked ninth in the world men's basketball to 254.7 for men and women teams overall strength rating to 572.7 on the Chinese team in the world 8th

Argentina 881.0 ranked first in the world, the United States the world's second 868.2, 739.0, Spain to the world's third, fourth in the world 509.0 Greece, Serbia, fifth in the world with 469.0, 381.0 Lithuania to the world's first 6, Germany, to 329.0 seventh in the world. Italian to 308.0 eighth in the world, Australia is 234.0 tenth in the world, the rest of the Asian teams, Iran ranked 21st with 89.1, Lebanon ranked 24th with 63.0, South Korea ranked 20th with 44.1六. Qatar, ranked 27th with 39.5, Japan with 32.1 ranked 32nd, Kazakhstan ranked 37th with 20.8, Jordan ranked 39th with 19.5, Chinese Taipei ranked 40th with 13.5 3, Syria and India ranked 49th

8.4 are mainly made References: FIBA



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