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He loves you even if you want a little big girl as you say two-thirds, but also there was nothing to

_ listening to love songs2010-03-06 19:11:39 +0000 #1
the song, which song ah
153,955,9992010-03-06 19:13:29 +0000 #2
big girl --- Yu

rained constantly, sometimes a hurry would be anti-wear socks sometimes really want to


Count me in washing dishes a little bit confused too lazy

Do not care about what will happen occasionally let me coquetry

Sometimes a word you said 34 times

Ge Bizhuo girls happens if everyone in America does not tolerate the word cents

you are a Thief peek at every turn on the turn against

I still love you

even if you are a little big girl

Now that said, let your two-thirds

has nothing to compete with you

I still love you

you what it is eyes

Do not mind sneaking calculating

you are arguing just to prove to prove I love you

like my kind of man you want to know how to treasure

occasionally a little soft whispers words to say to listen to

a close eye Yizheng

Do not be too picky

To love is necessary to delight



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