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Basketball blocked and the ball and gave the driver the difference between

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a little easy to understand 1:00
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the difference between the ball and gave the driver and stop the ball and gave the driver and stop the

distinction should be based on the following four principles:

1. Anti-there Ball players do not take into account time and distance factors.

2. Defensive Player of the offensive players have to face the ball.

3. Defensive may be lateral or retreat, allowing one foot or both feet off the ground instantly.

4. Physical contact must take place in the trunk area.

] How to determine a foul ball and gave the driver and block and block

with the ball and gave the driver a foul, the referee a basketball game spot frequently encountered issue is the referee to judge and deal with foul trouble spot a difficult. If you can not accurately determine a foul ball and gave the driver and block the measure, to a foul ball and gave the driver blowing into sub-blocking foul or a foul blow the sub-block into a foul ball and gave the driver easily lead to dissatisfaction with coaches and athletes. If this sentence appears in the game against the critical moment, when a direct impact on the outcome of the team, but also could lead courts controversy

Ball and gave the driver and stop the foul ball is a ball player and defensive player in the offense and defense, due to adopt an unreasonable position, incorrect body posture, improper starting methods and illegal actions caused an error The physical contact resulting from a personal foul. To accurately determine a foul ball and gave the driver and the block must first be clear rules on the offensive and defensive ball players ball players in the defensive when the technical requirements.

Rules offensive ball player's technical requirements are: ball, players must be anticipated each other's defense, when defensive players in front of him, and take a reasonable defensive position, he must always keep your body , or an immediate stop. Either an immediate change in direction of movement in order to avoid physical contact with the defender took place. Otherwise, the time the event of physical contact and caused a personal foul by the ball team is responsible for.

Rules on defensive ball player at the defensive when the technical requirements are: Defensive players must hold a legitimate defensive position. This defensive position is a legitimate means: When the defensive team to face opponents. Feet in the normal position with the cross-li, the feet the distance between the general and his shoulder width or slightly wider in the shoulder, not too broad use of sub-foot cross-li position landing. In addition, the legal defensive position above the vertical extension to his room, he could stretched its hands on the head, but the arms must be perpendicular. Therefore, the legal defensive position can be regarded as a rectangular vertical plane. The width of the short side on the ground by the players feet are limit, the two long sides vertically upward from the legs to extend the site, in the air, the other short side in the team can reach the height of the jump.

According to the principle of vertical plane, if the offensive player in the vertical plane over the physical contact took place and resulted in personal foul by the defensive player responsible for the contrary, if the Defensive Player of the vertical plane over the physical contact took place and caused the intrusion a foul by the offensive player is responsible for. Over the respective vertical plane, with the movement of players moving over each vertical shall be each other's occupation, unless there is no physical contact occurred, or occurred without physical contact constitutes a personal foul. If the defender defending defense used an incorrect location, or incorrect defensive posture, attempting to use line, shoulders, buttocks and legs to stop the ball, dribble around players from their own breakthrough occurred in illegal physical contact, that is blocking foul . When the ball breaking ball team, the defensive players on both sides, if not backward or to retreat step, if not the first to stand a good location, and contact did not occur in the trunk area but the players facing the ball on the steps, take the initiative to hold the ball caused by the illegal physical contact with players, but also defender blocking foul. If the ball players, regardless of the legal defense team had got a good defensive position, forced from the defender before dribbling through, with the shoulders, crash the defensive line players, the burden on the team who are the holders of a foul. If the player dribble with only the action, so that households or head over defensive players, the defensive players to adjust their defensive position, not with the offensive player of illegal physical contact occurs, otherwise defender blocking foul. If the player dribble with the hip contradict positions he has already stood a good defensive player, or players dribble dribble to the basket forward, backward, left, right tilt jump shot, jump shot or a legitimate defensive position after the collision team members, or dribble minutes after sudden crash of the defensive players, which violated the principle of vertical take-off methods and Defensive Player of the illegal physical contact occurred, should be sentenced to team members gave the driver a foul ball.


to accurately sentenced to a foul ball and gave the driver and the block, in addition to master the theoretical basis of the above-mentioned addition, it must do, and note the following:

1, to overcome the "ball right" and master the "attack justified "in sub-blowing method.

Second, do not be fooled by the illusion defender. Sometimes, players dribble ball breakthrough, slightly touched defender. Some defender Ze Yi fell to the ground, his hands cover their chest, belly hold, or shouting a false impression, to confuse the judge.

3, the two referees to strengthen the division of labor support, especially two referees on the ball, breaking players and defensive players break through occurred when the whistle when a foul spy, to strengthen the line of sight links, if necessary, after the two referees to agree on the make a correct sentence, in order to avoid inconsistencies caused by blind sub-game chaos.

4, we must remember and apply the following principles:

(1) The defensive player must establish a legitimate defensive position.

(2) The defensive player may be lateral or a retreat to maintain the legitimate defensive position.

(3) defensive players must be the first to stand a good location, and contact must occur in the trunk.

(4) members have the right rests on his jump in the same location.

(5) members have the right rests on his jump pre-occupied by the other side there is no other locations.

(6) members from the ground to the head of this part of the space for rights holders.
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block is that you lose the location of defense to block the attack personnel, if you circle even if you are the first stations, and are regarded as block ... the ball is the defense personnel are in place and gave the driver, you hit people
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and then play 33 were outside the stadium. basically no one said you gave the driver the ball. unless it is very serious.



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