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basketball World Championships and World Cup soccer hot level and who is affected by a high degree of concern? ? ? ?
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FIFA World Cup.
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Basketball World Championship

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World Cup (World Cup (FIFA World Cup, FIFA World Cup, World Football Championship) is the highest in the world the level of football, with the Olympic Games, F1, and as the world's three top races. held every four years, any FIFA (FIFA) Member States (regions) can be sent teams to join, while the World Cup can be divided into qualifying phase and final phase of two phases.

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World Cup

World Cup, World Cup History World Cup the previous record of Daquan

World Cup overall standings States won the case

World Cup winner and the previous name of the host country 1,2,3,4

World Cup

World Cup theme song with the ball part of the data highlights

World Cup 2010 South Africa World Cup World Cup Asian zone qualifying Introduction

World Development History

World History

World Cup

World Cup record of Daquan previous World Cup overall standings


the World Cup winning national winner of the previous 1,2,3,4 and the host country

World Cup match ball Cup theme song part of the data highlights the 2010 World Cup in South Africa FIFA World Cup Asian Zone qualifiers

World Cup trophy - Hercules Cup

[Edit this paragraph] About FIFA World Cup

World Cup qualifying is divided into six major Division to conduct , respectively, in Europe, South America, Asia, Africa, North America and Oceania Division, each Division in accordance with this Division need to develop the actual situation of qualifying rules, and all have signed up to participate in the FIFA World Cup (FIFA) Member States (region) team, you need to qualify in the host Division to compete for access to the World Cup finals places.

the World Cup finals places is now 32, with the final stage of the host country can have direct access to the final stage of the quota, in addition to hosting foreign and other places from the FIFA soccer stadium according to each qualifying level of distribution, the different number of qualifiers Division have different places in the final stages.

the World Cup finals to be the host of FIFA (FIFA) Member States (region), and the Member States (region) need to submit an application to FIFA (which can be combined to apply to two members), and then passed through the FIFA (FIFA) Member States (regional) vote.

through the pre-World Cup tournament was the final stage of the national team places, plus the representatives of the host country winning a total of 32 teams will be paid to the host country to fight for the championship finals. the final stage of 32 teams by drawing lots were divided into eight groups, each teams to four teams, grouped points competition, each team a total of 16 of the top two qualifying teams will be eligible to enter the semi-finals; into the semi-final after the 16 teams in accordance with established rules to determine the schedule is no longer ballot, and then single-game knockout, until decided at the championship.

[Edit this paragraph] World Cup History

Chinese Tang Dynasty, on a "football" contests, was called "Cuju" Modern football originated in Britain and then swept the world . because of the rapid development of football, international competition began. 1896 Athens Olympic Games, the football on as an official sport, Denmark 9:0 victory over Greece, becoming the first Olympic Games football title. because the Olympics does not allow professional athletes, to the 1928 Amsterdam Olympic Games, football matches have been unsustainable.

after the end of 1928 Olympic Games, FIFA representatives held, unanimously adopted a resolution to organize the world soccer championship once every four years. This is football in the further development of the world and increase has played a positive role in promoting. first of this new football competition known as the "World Football Championship." In 1956, FIFA held a meeting in Luxembourg decided to renamed "Jules Rimet Cup." This is recognition of the former International FIFA President Jules Rimet French football made for the achievement. Rimet became FIFA president in 33 years (1921-1954) was a World Championship sponsors and organizers. Later, it was suggested that the two names associated together, known as the "World Football Championship - Jules Rimet Cup." Thus, at the Helsinki meeting, the decision was renamed as the "World Football Championship - Jules Rimet Cup", referred to as "the World Cup."

World Cup 1928 FIFA trophy was a special prize for the winner is determined by well-known jewelry technician Fu Lieer Paris casting. the model is the legendary Greek goddess of victory nike, she dressed in ancient Rome waist gown, arms straight , a large glass of the hands of both hands. statues cast from pure gold and weighs 1800 grams, 30 cm high, standing on the marble base. This cup mobile prizes, who won a championship, can save the Gold Cup four years to the next FIFA Cup returned to the former in order to issue a new world champion. In addition, there is an additional requirement is: Who is three-time world champion, who will never get this cup.

1970, the Ninth World Cup, Uruguay, Italy Brazil have won two titles. so there is always the opportunity to share in this cup, the result is Brazil Czech foot-come, first took possession of the cup.

To this end, FIFA will have to prepare a new trophy to issue to the next winner. May 1971, FIFA cup to hold a new hearing, after evaluation of 53 programs, has decided to adopt the Italian Jiazhaniya design - two wrestlers both hands hold high the design of the Earth . This shape symbolizes the power of sport and scale. The new cup to be known as "Hercules Cup." The cup is 36 centimeters high and weighing 5 kg, was worth 2 million dollars. in 1974 the tenth World Cup, West Germany as a champion for the first time received a new cup. This time, FIFA's rule requiring a new cup for the flow of prizes, regardless of which team won many titles, we can not share the Cup.

[Edit this paragraph] World Cup History

1st 1930 Uruguay World Cup

there is no qualifying tournament, only 13 team competed for the awards, the two South American countries of Uruguay and Argentina together the final. Uruguayan national soccer team became the first World Cup.

first session of the World Cup for the in the world of football to create a new era.


1934 Italy World Cup tournament for the first time conducted a live radio broadcast.

Italy, Czech and Slovakia for the title, Italy won the World Cup for the first time.

No. 3 session of the 1938 World Cup in France

This is the tournament, the defending champion and host team go directly to the final stage of the competition. The defending champion in the World Cup finals directly into the provisions until after the 2002 World Cup was canceled. In the 2006 World Cup in Germany, the defending champion Brazil, also participated in the South American qualifiers.

the end the final between Italy and Hungary, Italy and the score 4 to 2 reelection as champion. Italy has become the World Cup history the first reelected a championship team.

4 th 1950

After the first round of Brazil's World Cup group match, Brazil, Uruguay, Spain and Sweden into the semi-finals, they need to decide the winner once again in the form of round-robin championship. Brazil Team match with Uruguay is in fact the last battle, this game played at the Maracana stadium, seasoned Uruguay withstood the pressure on and off the field, the second World Cup championship honors.

This session of the tournament's audience the first time exceeded one million, and created an average of 60000 spectators per game World Cup record. Ademir Brazilian players won the top scorer award in the game, he scored a total of seven goals. There are It is worth mentioning that the process of the whole tournament without a player sent off, probably after the baptism of the Second World War, people are more cherished harmony and goodwill of the.


1954 World Cup tournament in Switzerland Switzerland's five cities, 26 games, scored 140 goals in total, so that fans throughout the game. an average of 5.38 goals per game into the record of successive World Cup finals are the highest. this tournament, the players put on their first a shirt printed with numbers. In addition, for the first time applied to the World Cup TV broadcasts.

German team beat the downturn known as the "Wumianzhiwang" in the Hungarian team finally won the World Cup started on their glorious course .

6th 1958 Sweden World Cup

This is the competition a big star is the only Brazilian player Pele 17-year-old genius, his Secretary level Zuobian Feng, and Garrincha, Zagallo, Wawa composition of the world's most sharp forward line. Another star is the French team Fontaine, he was the first in the World Cup finals every game has a scoring star, has created no one has broken into the 13 World Cup goals the highest on record.

host Sweden to play a superior team into the championship final, and fight for the championship. But the Brazilian art of football will soon prove to the world of its power, for the first time Brazil won the World Cup.

Chinese team for the first time took part in the World Cup qualifiers, but failed to obtain Chu Xianquan.


1962 Chile World Cup tournament this session is known as history's most unruly one World Cup, the players almost every game has faded. Kasai 3 days, as many as 34 players are carried end.

Brazil beat Czechoslovakia became the third team won two World Cup champion team in the world, launched a fierce "yellow wave."

8th 1966 England's World Cup

this tournament the biggest surprise on the part of the Korean team, he was the first time into the World Cup semi-final of the Asian teams.

in England and the Federal Republic of Germany battle for the championship, the England team Hurst became the host country's hero, he became so far the only one in the final, staged a "hat tricks" of the players, the country of origin for the first time in modern football team boarded the championship podium. the British tournament innovative use of the "442" formation, this classic formation to the present are still used by many teams. England and the Federal Republic of Germany in the championship game of the controversy has become a World Cup goal in the history of outstanding and classic.

9 th in 1970 World Cup in Mexico

With the development of football in all continents, the International Football Federation for the first time decided to areas outside Europe and South America World Cup last summer, he finally picked Mexico.

Brazil in the championship final by 4 to 1 victory over Italy, achieved a landmark victory in World Cup history to win a third team, and permanent possession of the "Jules Rimet Cup."

The 10th World Cup in Germany in 1974

this session coincides with the World Cup soccer wave of technological innovation , to the Dutch created "total defense" as the representative for the football has brought new vitality.

German team with the Dutch team played a final go down in history, in the audience cheering, the West Germany 2-1 to win the second to victory podium.

11th 1978 Argentina World Cup

this World Cup to achieve a historic breakthrough, qualifying teams for the first time more than of the 100.

Argentina team and the Netherlands compete for the last runner-up title. Finally, the Argentine team to a score of 3 to make the Dutch team again, placing him, "her second child." This is the first of five World Cup history, won the first prize by the host.


1982 Spain World Cup tournament expansion to 24 teams.

Italy and West Germany for final championship series. Italy joins Brazil, the second World Cup title to receive the three countries. Rossi also received six goals this tournament's top scorer and best player award.

of the 13th World Cup in Mexico in 1986

This session of the World Cup host country due to financial difficulties, Colombia renounced. Mexico, Colombia, instead of hosting World Cup games, and became the first World Cup held two countries.

Argentina team and German teams fight for the championship, superstar Diego Maradona showed him as the best player of this tournament style, this tournament has become his performances the big stage. Argentina last won the championship.

of the 14th in 1990 Italy World Cup hero

this tournament course ought to veteran Milla, the best striker Schillaci, and Argentina goalkeeper Goyechea. champions is ultimately within the Federal Republic of Germany team, Federal Republic of Germany and Italy, Brazil, become three-time World Cup champion nation.

this tournament has attracted nearly 26.7 billion second audience, ticket sales reached 140 million U.S. dollars.

the 15th

The 1994 U.S. World Cup World Cup finals match is full of exciting scenes and stunning goals. Saudi Arabia into a 16-strong, and for the Asian football to win the honor. The greatest tragedy of this Cup player Escobar in Colombia because the ball into own goal after returning home, were killed.

the last final was between Brazil and Italy, two teams have won three World Cup titles, respectively. match in 120 minutes apiece, a penalty decisive battle, Baggio missed a penalty, Brazilian to win the title, becoming the world's first four World Cup was a country.

of the 16th World Cup in France

1998 World Cup tournament expansion to 32 teams, the biggest dark horse is the first time to enter the World Cup finals Croatia in the former Yugoslavia after the dissolution of their first appearance at the final award of the first three, the team players to become the World Cup top scorer Davor Suker. The war between Britain and Argentina to become classic,Owen turned out to.

July 12 became a French festival, in the final, midfielder Zinedine Zidane header broke twice in the first half, laid an early victory for the French team win the match. In the end, the French team won first place 3 to 0 victory over Brazil. People understand Ronaldo's poor performance in the final.

The 17th Korea-Japan 2002 World Cup

World Cup history for the first time jointly by the two countries. David and Goliath of the popular tournament frequent, a number of favorites teams stop at the group stage.

Final between Brazil and Germany, Brazil was the 5th World Cup title.

Host South Korean team won the first four, the creation of the Asian teams in the World Cup history, a new record.

Chinese Team in the World Cup finals, but the group stage three games without scoring, to lose nine ball, plot 0 scores came back with nothing.

18th in 2006 World Cup in Germany

Germany, South Africa, England, Morocco and Brazil participated in the 2006 World Cup bid, but out of Brazil at the last moment. In the final ballot, Germany by 12 votes to 11 votes to one vote defeat to South Africa, won the 2006 World Cup Games. This is Germany's second time hosting the World Cup finals. Germany last hosted the World Cup was in 1974.

Zidane back in France after the team played beyond people's expectations, of course, because of his influence has also brought a number of peak is not a veteran (Barthez, etc.); while more than had been expected that the Italian team, they rely on a strong cohesion as well as the chain unexpectedly reached the final defense, and eventually cup.

This session of the Cup, the semi-finals are all European teams, the Asian-African teams poor performance, the final penalty shootout defeat by Italy, France, won the championship. Zidane in extra time because the second half with Marco Materazzi head-butting Italy defender, was sent off, shocked the world. To point the finger of blame after the match has been speculation that Materazzi, but the truth may have to wait a long time before the world known to fans.

The 19th

2010 FIFA World Cup will be the 19th World Cup held in South Africa, this is the first African countries to host the World Cup, suggesting the cause of African Football and gradually into the peak.

The 20th World Cup in Brazil in 2014

Beijing October 30, 2007, FIFA announced in Zurich: Brazil will host the 2014 World Cup.

[Edit this paragraph] World Cup record of Daquan
, the oldest world champion: Dino Zoff (Italy) 40 years of age

with the youngest world champion: Pele (Brazil), Ronaldo (Brazil), aged 17 years

Maximum the players: Roger Milla (Cameroon) 42 years and 39 days

the youngest player entries: Norman Whiteside (Northern Ireland) 17 years and 42 days

the oldest goalscorer: Roger * Milla (Cameroon) 42 years and 39 days

the youngest goalscorer: Pele (Brazil) 17-year-old's first 239 days

3 consecutive World Cup finals countries: Germany (1982,1986,1990)

the first goal: Laurent (France), 1930, France 4-1 Mexico

the first penalty: Rosas (Mexico), 1930, Argentina - Mexico

the first own goal: Manuel Erluo Sa Sri Lanka (Mexico), 1930, Mexico - Chile

the first hat-trick: Stabile (Argentina) 1930, Argentina - Mexico

the shortest possible time hat-trick: Keith (Hungary) 1982, Hungary - El Salvador

the first one ejected Player: Galindo (Peru), 1930 Peru - Romania

the first one sending-off Goalkeepers: Page Li ukinskaya (Italy) 1994 Italy - Norway

the first yellow card: Luopuqiefu (USSR), 1970,

the first red card: Kashi Ze (Chile), 1974, Chile - West Germany

goal top scorer in the least: within Yedelian (Czechoslovakia) 1934

the fastest sending-off player: He Sebadisi Tower (Uruguay) 1986 Uruguay - Scotland 56 seconds

score of the most poor match: 1982, Hungary - El Salvador 10:1; 1954, Hungary - South Korea 9-0

single-game scoring a team up to record: 1982, Hungary - El Salvador 10 : 1

single-game record of most goals: 1954, Austria 7-5 Switzerland

the fastest goal record: 2002, Hakan Sukur, Turkey 3-2 South Korea, 11 seconds

off the bench to the fastest goal record: Mo Lares (Uruguay), 2002, Uruguay - Senegal, the second-half substitute appearances start 17 seconds

Most goals scored by a single session of the State: 1954, Hungary, 27 balls

4 th consecutive goals by: Bailey (1958 6 balls, 1962, a ball, a ball in 1966, 1970, 4 goals) Saier Le (1958 a ball, two balls in 1962, 1966, two balls, three balls in 1970)

single session of the World Cup, the most goals scorer: Fang Dan (France), 13 goals in 1958

a single session of the World Cup striker headed the most goals: Miroslav Klose (Germany), 5 balls, the most goals in 2002

World Cup player: Ronaldo (Brazil), 15 ball, in 1998 four balls, in 2002 eight ball, three balls

2006 single-game scoring the greatest number: Sarenko, 5 balls, in 1994, Russia - Cameroon 6-1

single game yellow and red cards up to: 2002 , Germany - Cameroon (4-yellowing 2 red); in 2006, Portugal - Netherlands (8 yellowing 4 red), are screening up to 16 yellow

played player: Lothar Matthaeus (Germany), 5 sessions of 25 games, A total of 2048 minutes played the longest time

Player: Paolo Maldini (Italy), 4 sessions of 23 games, a total of 2217 minutes

straight up to the players played the final screening: Cafu (Brazil), 1994, 1998, 2002, three consecutive final appearance

the longest time without conceding a goal record: Zenga (Italy), 1990, a total of five games without conceding a goal

518 minutes was the highest number of fouls player: Diego Maradona (Argentina), 53, 1990

the fastest own goal: In 2006, England 1-0 Paraguay, Carlos Gamarra, 3 minutes to the oldest World Cup Golden Ball winner: In 2006, Zinedine Zidane, 34-year-old

was the youngest World Cup Golden Ball by: In 1998, Ronaldo, 22-year-old

the first World Cup Golden Ball goalkeeper: In 2002, Kahn

first session of the defending champion had no direct right to the World Cup competition (not counting the first): 2006

knockout stages of the World Cup in Germany used the extra time "golden goal" system of the World Cup: 1998 World Cup in France, the 2002 World Cup

1st tablets of extra time "golden goal": in 1998 World Cup in France , 1 / 8 finals, Laurent Blanc (France)

the first one in a single field in the final three goals scored by player: 1966 World Cup in England, Georg fee Hurst (England)

the first to cross the final on penalty kicks after a winner: In 1994, the U.S. World Cup final, Brazil 3-2 Italy

World Cup history, the largest stadium: Maracana Stadium

the German team since the 1954 World Cup, the 14th consecutive World Cup into the eight strong, and even Brazil can not match.

[Edit this paragraph] World Cup overall standings Past

(as of 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany)

Rank squads drawn, lost, goals for, against the number of total points to 1 goal difference, Brazil 1892641414 201:84 117,206

2 Germany 1692561818 190:112 78186

3 Italy 1677451814 122:69 53153

4 Argentina 1465331220 113:74 39111

5 England 135,525,161,474 : 472,791

6 French 125,125,917 95:64 3184

7 Spain 1249231215 80:57 23 78 8 Sweden 1146161316 74:69 561 9 Netherlands 8.36161 million 10 59:37 22 58

10 Russia 93,717,614 64:44 20 57

11 Serbia and Montenegro 114,016,816 60:55 15 56 12 Uruguay 1040151015 65:57 855

13 Poland 7 3115511 44:41 650 14 Hungary 93,215,314 87:57 30 48

15 Mexico 1,345,121,221 48:84 -3648

16 Czech Republic 93,112,515 47:49 -241

17 Austria 72,912,413 43:47 -440

18 Belgium 113,610,917 46:63 -1739

19 Portugal 4,191,207 32:21 11 36 20 Romania 72.18583 million : 32-229

21 Switzerland 8,268,414 37:51 -1428

22 Chile 7,257,612 31:40 -927

23 Paraguay 722,679 27:37 -1025

24 Denmark 19

28 Scotland 8234712 25:41 -1619

29 South Korea 7,244,713 22:53 -3119

30 Bulgaria 7,263,815 22:53 -3117

31 Turkey 21051 4 20:17 3 16 32 Peru 415,438 19:31 -1215

33 Ireland 313,283 10:10 0 14 34 Northern Ireland 313,355 13:23 -1014

35 Nigeria 311,416 14:16 -213

36 Colombia 413,328 14:23 -911

37 Morocco 413,247 12:18 -610

38 Costa Rica 31,031,612: 22-1010

39 Ecuador 27304 7:8 -19

40 Norway 38233 7:8 -19

41 Ukraine 15311 5:7 -29

42 Senegal 1 5 2 2 1 7-6 1 8

43 East 16222 5:5 08

44 Japan 310,226 8:14 -18

45 Algeria 26213 6:10 -4 7

46 Tunisia 412,147 8:16 -87

47 Saudi Arabia 413,229 9:32 -237

48 Wales 15131 4:4 06

49 Ghana 14202 4:6 -26

50 South Africa 26132 8:11 -36

51 Australia 27123 5:10 -55

52 Iran 39126 6:18 -125

53 North Korea 14112 5:9 -44

54, Cuba 13111 5:12 -74

55 Cote d'Ivoire 13102 5:6 -13

56 Jamaica 131,023: 9-63

57 Honduras 13021 2:3 -12

58 Angola 13021 1:2 -12

59, Israel 13021 1:3 -22

60 Egypt 2 4 0 2 2 3:6 -32

61 Trinidad and Tobago 1301204-41

62 Kuwait 13012 2:6 -41

63 Bolivia 360 15 1:20 -191

64 Iraq 13003 1:4 -30

65 Slovenia 13003 2:7 -50

66 Togo 13003 1:6 -5 0

67 Canadian 13003 0:5 -50

68 India 11001 0:6 -60 69 United Arab Emirates 13003 2:11 -90

70 China 1300 3 0:9 -90

71 New Zealand 13003 2:12 -100

72 Greece 13003 0:10 -100

73 Haiti 13003 2:14 -120

74 Zaire 13003 0:14 -140

75 El Salvador 26006 1:22 -210

World Cup times (the same number of times according to the order entryOrder)

Italy 16 Brazil 18 ★

Germany 16 (FRG 10) ①

Argentina, Mexico, 13



England, France and Spain Belgium and Sweden Uruguay 10 Hungary 11



Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia and the United States ② ③ Switzerland and Netherlands Scotland 8 to Austria and Chile Paraguay and Poland Romania, Bulgaria, South Korea Soviet Union ④ 5


Cameroon, Peru, Colombia and Portugal Morocco Tunisia Saudi Arabia 4 ☆

Bolivia and Norway Northern Ireland, Iran, Denmark and Ireland, Costa Rica Nigeria and Croatia ☆ 3

☆ ② Japan, Egypt, Turkey and Salvador ④ Russia, Algeria, Australia, South Africa 2 Ecuador 2 ☆

The following countries participate in a

Cuban Dutch East India Korea Wales, Israel, German Democratic Republic ⑤ ① ⑥ Zaire, Haiti, Honduras and Kuwait Iraq and Canada New Zealand United Arab Emirates, Greece and Jamaica Yugoslavia, Senegal and Slovenia ② ② China Trinidad and Tobago Costa Rica Cote d'Ivoire ☆ ☆ ☆ ② Serbia and Montenegro, Angola, Ghana ☆ ☆ ☆ Togo, Ukraine, Czech ☆ ③ ☆ ④


★ Brazil participated in all the 18 World Cup so far

☆ said that these teams have never been since the first World Cup the absence of

① 1948 years, as the excesses of the Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany) and the German Democratic Republic (East Germany); in 1990, the East Ould unity. Here's the relevant records into the Federal Republic of Germany split the records before and after the reunification of Germany, the East German records separate.

② the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in 1992 and broken up into five independent countries, namely, Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Croatia, the Republic of Slovenia, Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Republic of; 2003, Federal Republic of Yugoslavia changed the country the Republic of Serbia and Montenegro; in 2006, the disintegration of the Republic of Serbia and Montenegro for the Republic of Serbia and Montenegro. Here would be Yugoslavia, Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Serbia and Montenegro, an independent record.

③ 1993, the Czech Republic the dissolution of the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic. Here not to Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic related records related records merged.

④ 1991, the Soviet Union disintegrated into 15 independent countries are: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia and Moldova. Here not to the Soviet Union and Russia records related records merged.

⑤ Dutch East India that is today's Indonesia.

⑥ 1997, the name of Zaire was renamed the country the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo, or referred to the Congo (DRC).

For the first time the World Cup Year Statistics

1930 FIRST YEAR: USA, Yugoslavia and Chile Uruguay Argentina Brazil Romanian Paraguay, France and Peru Belgium, Bolivia and Mexico

1934 second session: Italy Czech, Slovakia and Germany Austria Spain, Hungary and Switzerland Sweden, Netherlands and Egypt

1938 No. three: Cuba, Poland and Norway the Dutch East Indies (Indonesia)

1950 Fourth: England

1954 Fifth: Federal Republic of Germany Turkey Scotland South Korea

1958 Sixth: Wales, Northern Ireland, the Soviet Union

1962 Seventh : Colombia and Bulgaria

1966 Eighth: Portugal Korea

1970 Ninth: Israel, Morocco and Salvador

1974 Tenth: democracy, Germany, Australia and Haiti Zaire (Democratic Republic of Congo / Congo (Kinshasa))

1978 10th Session: Tunisia and Iran

1982 Twelfth: Algeria, Cameroon, Honduras and Kuwait New Zealand

1986 13th session: Denmark, Iraq and Canada

1990 14th session: Ireland, Costa Rica

1994 15th session of the United Arab Emirates: Nigeria Saudi Arabia Russia and Greece

1998 16th session: Yugoslavia, Croatia and Jamaica, South Africa, Japan

2002 17th session: Senegal Ecuador, Slovenia and China

2006 18th session: Angola, Côte d'Ivoire, Trinidad and Tobago, Ukraine, Ghana and Togo Serbia and Montenegro, the Czech Republic

2010 19th session: Slovakia

[Edit this paragraph] World Cup win of States

(as of 2010)

Brazil, Italy 4 times 5 times

Germany 3, Argentina 2 times

Uruguay 2 times

France 1 England 1

[Edit this paragraph] 1,2,3,4 name of the previous World Cup winners and the host country

session of the venue a few years the number of participating teams championship runner-up Runner-up Fourth Place

11930 Uruguay 13 Uruguay, Argentina, USA and Yugoslavia, Italy 16 Italy


31938 Czech, Germany and Austria Hungary, Brazil and Sweden, France 15 Italy

41950 Brazil, Uruguay, Brazil, Sweden and Spain 13

51954 West Germany, Hungary and Austria, Switzerland 16 Uruguay

61958 Sweden 16 Brazil, Sweden and France West Germany

71962 Chile 16 Brazil Czech, Chile and Yugoslavia

81966 United Kingdom 16 West Germany, England, Mexico, Portugal, the Soviet Union


16 Brazil and Italy Uruguay West Germany, West Germany 16 西德荷兰波 Lan Baxi 101,974

111,978 Argentina 16 Argentina, Netherlands and Brazil Italy, Spain, 24 Italy


131,986 Xidebolan France 24 Argentina, Mexico, West Germany, France and Belgium

141.99 thousand Italy, West Germany, Argentina and Italy 24 England 15 1994 because 24 Brazil Italy, Sweden and Bulgaria

161,998 France 32 France Brazil, Croatia and Netherlands

17 2002 South Korea - Japan 32 South Korea 18 Brazil, Germany and Turkey 2006, Germany, 32 Italy, France and Germany Grape



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