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Is it possible Guo Shiqiang in the fixing of matches

Straying into siege2010-01-22 14:01:16 +0000 #1
lose too outrageous, and is not a normal level, say you will not be so bad to play ah!

Guessing ah, is there likely to be betting the company around the Chinese national team?
mime882010-01-22 14:17:50 +0000 #2
possible, he was not the fixing of matches in the capital! The Chinese team lost, even though he's the greatest responsibility, but the team itself, there are many problems, such as: team time is not long, a lot of players injured and so on. Basically, this loss is still too inexperienced coaches, tactics and personnel are caused by improper use, and sum up experience as quickly as possible, to prepare for the World Championship啦!
Of the Republic of the Eagle2010-01-22 14:38:25 +0000 #3
can not ah! Basketball on the first crazy! If they dare to ban the whole ah! Bluntly, is the strength of no use! Accustomed to a Yao Ming as the center of the play! Yao Ming is not a second-tier Asian ah!



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