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Iverson Series comfortable Jordan basketball shoes, basketball shoes recommended series

Pianolesson2010-03-07 02:10:27 +0000 #1
Now there are stores selling answer 1,2,3,4, 12, 13

I would like indoor field, and then compare my front foot wide, and relatively easy to grind big dom toes, please give the answer I would recommend a series of basketball shoes bar. When I try to bar children, are quite good, but if you live combat and then will feel the disadvantages of uncomfortable shoes. For example, question1 bar, that when the children try shoes Fortunately, that time child is not only very hard and very grinding feet. I do not know who bought answer 13 Mody, no better?

Or just to buy a Michael Jordan basketball shoe series, I do not understand Jordan series shoes, not bought. Which a more comfortable, appearance is also so-so? Who bought, recommended several, okay? Thank 啦

my feet a little bit after the narrow sense of the former wide, toes longer. So, sometimes hard to get children comfortable shoes. I bought hyperdunk, I feel good, but unfortunately it was me that wore out in the outdoor field.
Tears of Blood Wind Flower2010-03-07 02:16:19 +0000 #2
view Lou Zhu is also a hooper

Anwser13 Although cellular technology background, but the personal feeling rather hard, not supportive to say, communication feet up in front of a very fit, compare agile, exercise time Tony is not with water, if the foot is relatively thin, if appropriate. And Reebok's wear has always been reliable than the hook, I feel that price is still very high, as a fan looks pretty, I feel that a13 should not let you down, and if if a little hard on the bottoms of shoes much, inverted you can think about cushioning in doing reasonably well, certainly not like the hook of the zoom so soft metamorphosis, dmx, if the average person is still modest.

Question1 not crossed, but my impression, that the shoe version of NY do not note a very cool, forget to wear looks pretty in that picture Q1 singled Qiaobang Zhu also be considered real, but I remember that the shoe is very simple shading estimated that over a period of time will slip on the verge of

Jordan series, then 12 is recommended, do not say no good, and shape some of the feeling of tai chi, but also the relative field performance fairly good, of course, is now the ubiquitous fried 11 also be considered, the others are on behalf of the shoes 10 can be considered prior to collection and flows of people to wear, too rich, after the 16 modern, of course, the wise eyes of the beholder see wisdom, I am still a top Joe 12.

There are, in fact, really not hyperdunk field shoes, not the top parade, do what the letter hook xdr, that is actually nonsense, when it comes to high-end hook is not a field is the design

Haha, I recommend Joe 12
wohenrenruijie2010-03-07 02:33:48 +0000 #3
I bought a pair of Jordan cm-930105

199 yuan, wearing two years ago
Epiphyllum leaves2010-03-07 03:33:27 +0000 #4
what position you play ah? Legs lacking a broad prospect, find pairs of shoes inside bar. TS's not Cuoa. Jordan felt a little narrow majority, or at least I wear is that this feeling, because I am also a relatively broad forefoot
『Canned2010-03-07 02:47:33 +0000 #5
Reebok shoes have been very strong on the package - not suitable for you - Jordan not very suitable for - you might consider the next Bryant
THXPHILA762010-03-07 03:35:30 +0000 #6
Louzhu what position ah yes, I am also ai diehard, Q1, ANSWER4 can not do? Generally reflect comfortable nike basketball shoes, but let's be Aimi Who do
Liu Xie slamduck2010-03-07 03:50:33 +0000 #7
can buy ZOOM KOBE 5 or LBJ 6 ah
Invincible Barry2010-03-07 03:45:21 +0000 #8
shoes should be comfortable, but your first foot is relatively wide, I suggest that Jordan shoes you wear, I am passing through Jordan 21,23 are relatively good-looking, and very comfortable, my shape is relatively strong, I think Jordan's shoes you wear, then it would be better, if not buy, then think that you can now buy James's boots, I am through 5 Zhan Zhan all feel very posted 6 feet, but the answer to help a little high ... As for the series of shoes, and its feet are relatively narrow, but I used to feel that wearing a Jimmy 6 Narrow painful, but wearing no more than a feeling of ... I hope that my suggestions useful to you



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