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857,524,6152010-03-07 04:11:11 +0000 #1
Russia Height 150cm, like playing point guard, Russia inappropriate?

Russian ball, with, pass technology also can.
hys50193372010-03-07 04:17:44 +0000 #2
- - 12-year-old 150, height is no longer lower - if you say the ball according to co-ordinate and passing are pretty good - I think that you should be moving in space development - but the light There are several drops will not work --- but also there is a conscious and speed manual - 恩恩 - most important thing is awareness, there is good awareness is to become a NB must guard necessities - Do not ask me how to train consciousness -- should be in my school is playing PF and SF location - I can tell you that the awareness training is to have a certain talent to excel at, first of all to practice their ability to respond to and then pass that they must attack first, and sharp eyes 6 Rd , vigilant. Do not be awareness of the traditional Chinese basketball blinded by what the court should resolutely implement the coach's game plan, are all nonsense, and the rapidly changing situation on the pitch, who would not pull silly in a way few of the more you play in the end ah? So, you belong to a half court coach, the situation is different according to the court to allocate the tactical layout, which is a core point guard of the capacity, according to some -
woaiChina022010-03-07 04:30:17 +0000 #3
150 is equivalent to NBA, Boykins, The key to see the speed! Defensive start with faster!
Lucifer's silence2010-03-07 05:16:06 +0000 #4
only be playing the point guard bar
money knife2010-03-07 05:37:10 +0000 #5
current first hit point guard bar, after all, if the future of higher future of immeasurable.

Learn the basics, ball.

I have a classmate, junior high was 167, also a guard, to a high school, mother, and actually there are 181, and now the ball well, another tall, cattle 呀! You also small, the future will be high.



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