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Belle Black shoes

happyysj19832010-03-07 04:11:31 +0000 #1
January 10, 2010 bought a pair of Belle of the men's, began to wear No. 12, 16, found two open plastic, and the open-plastic large enough to require replacement Belle counter was refused, They mean that you have bought, but also wearing can not be transposed, and very angry that we should not be deceived I was to buy in Quanzhou Xinhua, and Xinhua have a small ticket has to write the above can be transposed within 7 days of the result today, Xinhua Metropolis is also told that it can not be returned, and looks, these retailers are working hand in glove, and more than 500 yuan in four days on the rotten shoes, I am very angry I hope everyone will not buy Belle shoes, so that they no longer make the Chinese people's hard-earned money.
charlesCQ2010-03-07 04:23:03 +0000 #2
Louzhu I can understand the feelings of hope that the things mentioned on the floor, big help.

1. Under the current provisions of the professional footwear, three packs of cards, your such a situation, businesses have reason to refuse returns. It is because three packs of cards clearly defined, the degumming the scope of the problem is only part of the maintenance. degumming date of this period is calculated according to three packs. Generally speaking, three packs of children's shoes period of one month, adult shoes includes three packs of men and women shoes period is 3 months. so you really have reason to businesses such circumstances do not give you back or exchange of!

2. Now that all seven days of return regardless of the mall, or 15, return by saying that in the you buy the goods does not affect the secondary sale conducted under the premise. that is not worn, wore no means sure that you deal with.

view of the above two points, your shoes will not give you business a replacement or return. but by the following two ways you should be able to change into shoes or even retreated.

1. inside in the mall downtown! bluntly, is that your argument is to maintain your rights, legal!, but so much noise time will certainly affect the mall where the normal operating order, so normally they will try to help you change or a return of the.

2. According to the provisions of three packs of cards, counters give you the maintenance, if in the same part of the quality of two similar consecutive the problem, you can ask 100 Korea counters to your return or replacement!

Hope that can help you.
vqsq1234562010-03-07 04:37:07 +0000 #3
agree with you, I like your face, severe protest against the deception of consumers merchants.



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