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Consult a basketball fan, how is this going on?

Friends, where are you2010-01-22 15:01:09 +0000 #1
Coach how the matter? How layout tactics? Spot how the command? Final Chinese team exactly like a mess, where the attack hit where the operator! Defense is also OK to see the Iranian team's hit rate and the total score on the knew it was not too bad. However, there is a defense issue, which is how the other side also Fangbu Zhu breakthrough. Not matter how anti-break defense can only prove that the organization of defensive coaching system problems. The Chinese team is not a decent offense, defense can not break through against not only the problems in this game, the game appeared in front of such a problem, why has not been resolved? Read the entire Asian Championships, feeling Chinese team's offensive has been to rely on player's individual abilities, without relying on the strength of the team organized a very decent attack. And surprise, the match commentator, said first quarter because of intelligence analysis and tactical errors on the layout of the error, the coach is how to do it? I do not know how the Chinese team? How the Chinese team's head coach going on? How the Chinese team to lose so many points? The Chinese team is not impossible to lose, it should not be lost on more than 20 minutes. We really bad Iran, could it? Why did the Chinese national team, playing like a plate of loose sand? I do not understand, ask you how the Chinese team is it?

mime882010-01-22 15:09:19 +0000 #2
Coach existed began to play very serious employment problems, and players do not trust, reluctant to use new, every game that a number of key players on the rest of the time not, and that Several players, injuries of varying sizes! The tactical layout of the old, there is no ability to cope with market changes to a bad spot to be, although we have the best players in Asia, but this does give coaches to spoil the!

Hope that this failure to sum up a good fight for the world championships next year to get good results!
Starry Light2010-01-22 15:40:51 +0000 #3
no co-ordination entirely on individual ability to fight,

coach thinking there is a problem too bad spot resilience,

of his own players do not understand, no reasonable tactical

this year's session of the worst in man Basket
Helix Nebula2010-01-22 15:38:04 +0000 #4
lost the game, is a result of tactical mistakes in layout.

An opening of the Chinese team put on an outrageous formation, two pull-out inside the cover, while pulling the other empty inside, so that the other guard spot basket. This may be center Hada Di Guo Shiqiang that the other side was comparatively strong, and generally unwilling to let the United Arab Ha Dadi in the basket and recklessly.

The idea can not be considered an error, but the Chinese team is only good at breaking guard Qing-Peng Zhang, Wang Peng. With the strength of their way, this tactic can also be used occasionally as a darling, as the main tactic is certainly will be in trouble,

Iran to see the Chinese team that beat, strain soon. When the LAS point line, when pulled, Ha Dadi did not come out now, still guarding the basket. This has made the Chinese team back line was Dingsi, while a person outside the United Arab silly standing unattended, plus A joint Ganbu Hao, the other side the advantage in the basket to ensure the backboard. This state of affairs appears on the spot, when the delay Bian Zhao Guo Shiqiang, until the race to the third quarter behind the more than 20 points only to react, so generally, and frequent attacks on the United Arab basket, this time has been too late.

In short, Iran seized the Chinese team back anti-slowly, and rebounds to protect the negative, as well as anti-break capability is not strong outside of these three weaknesses of surgery, combined with the tactical layout of the Chinese team sent a gift turnovers. The real strength, Iran and the Chinese team is just their own merits. Section III is almost normal strength to play a match, the first half is purely a tactical mistake, the Chinese team into the fourth quarter individual play Kunshouyoudou only.



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