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Discussion】 【2009 Chinese Men's Basketball Championships final how matter

Xinxiang Ice Woodland2010-01-22 15:01:16 +0000 #1
22:08 behind 15 points back CCTV5 thought wrong, and whistle 52:70 runner-up. Guo Shiqiang still too young, no hopes for his office.

The current Asian Championships saw the fans talk about how good going on, right?
Fire Dragon Cthulhu2010-01-22 15:13:58 +0000 #2
Coach command bad spot. Each time intermission, others Weapon,
Laohou Bar2010-01-22 15:11:46 +0000 #3
"for its Hun Hun, people Manifest," a lack of confidence, nervous pale coach, emotions How could one not transmitted to the players? Competition from the Asian Championships will be able to see the start he was not stable, mature tactical programs, in exchange for in exchange for continued team, "rice crust" If you want to use such an approach "fall upon" some qualification is also older than his players, would like to take to establish one's own at the end of this virtual "prestige." Realize that such a result, the menace of players because of how there is a critical moment may be related to him "against the common enemy" for him to fight back? Finals are not necessarily ironclad China must win, but it should at least own essence, gas, God to break out, the original technology, accounting for the level of play operation. From the scenes point of view, the Chinese team of Wang addition to the 30-year-old tough psychological, dare to play, other players can use special Yi Jianlian is simply scared of Mongolia to describe! Together with China's external investment and blue completely "disabled", blue cricket is out of control ....... Ciyi the Chinese team has become almost a team does not play ........" rice crust "helpless , only non-stop substitutions, and even some not yet gotten a firm foothold on the up was again changed down! This Gengrang market players know what to do. Lose the game expected a waste of taxpayers money, has used such a mediocre person will harm the country misleading the people, let people shame, those who fancy to see the money China Blue Society to bear what responsibility?
I remember ...2010-01-22 15:32:56 +0000 #4
the whole team present in the absence of a large case of Yao on the need to make tactical adjustments has not been fully put in place co-ordination among the players is also no lack of mutual understanding ... Zhe Zhi Yao's team has yet to be growth of Chinese basketball could not rely solely on a person's Yao Ming! What we need is a comprehensive offensive and defensive team to each location can be offensive to defensive team ... the Chinese team does not mean the failure of the Championships what we should see is that the problems exposed in the race to to solve the problem!
cgfgftyxn2010-01-22 15:41:38 +0000 #5
Guo Shiqiang is popular with the local manager in one of the best team for him .. all the support is on this point ... .. do not know themselves to see a good news ... old Guo belongs to Mathias equal importance. upstairs is also a self-righteous talk about Guo Shiqiang rice crust "If you want to use such an approach" fall upon "some qualification is older than his players, who wanted to establish one's own virtual end of the" prestige. "his back facing the wall bar.

And. I think second place is acceptable. The Chinese team first have the following questions:

1. Yao Ming is not. Yao Ming is a Chinese team leader. No doubt. a lack of leadership team, a lack of the first Gains in breaking up. rebounder team.

2. It is important outside Sun Yue, a season in the NBA defensive drinking fountains. Sun Yue's flying cap this year, disappeared. Other features are also not to break out. you really can not ask a one years, the race did not play out of a sudden the young bar /

3. the Chinese team is in the temporary shortage. team. bishops to do all this. I like Guo Shiqiang. but he, after all, young. one for the first time coaching people. We bar should be given more understanding. at least. old Guo in conditioning to make a good relationship within the team. players do. Wang. Hu Xuefeng, Liu Wei and others. began to decline in the state. Big Zhi is still playing at a high level, but gratifying . But the state of decline can not be denied. 81 to leave the playoffs is proof. Quemo top of the younger players come. only Yi Jianlian be some growth. has been fantastic Wang Shipeng Zhu Fangyu. also could not stand up ..

However, we must see that. the Chinese team still put on that strength. even if there are so many reasons. but did not win should still soul-searching. In the Asian context. can not win. How can we talk international. the next Olympic Games, Yao Ming is also inevitable that the state decline. Wang estimated to fade in the national team. hope that China will take a good team. a real sense of the people. they should support him. rather than the endless abuses. can Nuqibuzheng. But I still believe that the Chinese Men's Basketball Team will embark on a bright future under the road

way to answer other people's comments

What is the best coach? so to speak. not the best. only the most suitable. you dare say that for an individual to identify suitable? before Harris. big bar .. Silver Fox ah. basketball Harris did not know there were a number of silver fox? Yunus Although well-known, but relatively limited in Europe. more than the name of the first silver fox or a lot worse. Who is the Chinese team with a more Good. obviously not?

Hunzhao. for individuals to move on the famous? only problem is that the Chinese team play to spot a problem? before the Chinese team. swept through Asia. No one can be the enemy. Now began the competition won. no said Guo Shiqiang this ah, too. now all lost on the coach a question? Do you really think that only the Chinese team with high levels than Iran? Who can say that his coming will be able to beat Iran with China? won. Description Guo Shiqiang NB to play a good team .. .. lost. is no big deal. victory or defeat is not unusual to military strategists. lost it in a. is not Guo Shiqiang do not need a coach in the future?

the present system of the Chinese team. current state. Yunus How to come back. Paizhaoxiongfu you dare say that it particularly under the leadership of the old will be able to win?
foxzyg2010-01-22 16:30:49 +0000 #6
China must have been bribed, and the players one by one listless, no spirit, do not see is playing the final After intermission a little pause, and there is no improvement, shooting better not enter into love, not as the desire to win than the first two games Jingqi Shen far worse, and hey! sad ah !!!!!! !!!
lone Maple Autumn Ridge2010-01-22 15:41:36 +0000 #7
Coach of the level of problems; the entire Chinese team is no morale, lack of a strong desire to win. look at Iran, others not even have brought the flag, we can see that people have faith in the invincibility of the.
mime882010-01-22 17:29:54 +0000 #8
Coach of the level of problem: tactical problems, apart from employment is also problematic; a player of their own do not trust the team more than a dozen players, playing on it for several month, but injuries also insisted that we should rejoin小朱just sick games field, like on the bench nor the opportunity to really spoil the players呀! tactics should be changed on the spot is not to be commended. losing is not necessarily is a bad thing, I hope the failure of this team make a sober analysis of issues, sum up experience, to prepare for next year's world championships, the national team without Yao, but also strive for good results!
Non-flower leaves2010-01-22 17:38:16 +0000 #9
Actually Members noted that there were, from the one into the final four minutes later, the Chinese team is the loser from the start, a very important point is that athletes, quality problems, and basketball at the offensive capabilities under the premise of a general, active defense is a team The key to the national team, but we only know that when the coach suspended repeated emphasis on defense when the defense opened the shelf, a far cry from the strength of the opponent, but also win, face strong rivals is particularly the Do not move, there is no Role players key to lack of time to stand up to people, if Yao Costa Rica is right, you do not attach importance to opponents, themselves do not grasp themselves, do not attach importance to competitors, so that work? the United States team of college students are not OK, the Chinese team on the needless to say. In the down analysis, the Chinese team is not strong guard penetration capabilities are the main reason. the coach's ability is not much of a problem, but the coaches lack of resolution, the Chinese players too much card.



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