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0 do not know gentle 02010-03-07 07:10:53 +0000 #1
185CM, but I bounce around a relatively short arm 70CM Bar

has been playing center because not many high school ... now I feel good inside after a certain mix - because the universities must have height advantage of people jumping too more bar -

shooting Huancou He - middle-distance close - less likely to dribble -

then ask you to think I fit what position it - should be nothing left to develop it -
Old Boys ♂2010-03-07 07:20:27 +0000 #2
dribble No the cast also is not it - if the body can play big Zhuang point either before or carve - the direct and center is almost out of the basket insert location of catch and shoot or lay-up shot - if the body can play small front Zhuang less middle-distance are Paowei shot - you should not even think of the guard - point guard demands a good - unless you have been training hard to university - you intend to participate in school team, then we should now practiced no matter what they have to practice, including dribbling and body - or else to the university you will find a lot stronger than you -
244,326,8672010-03-07 07:16:56 +0000 #3
personal feeling at the university have also not seen a few high-185cm pricey for a higher count should rarely, of course is not All universities are fewer



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