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Kongyao bamboo legs beautiful legs how long?

Lingling 19,960,5232010-03-07 11:11:12 +0000 #1
I've heard of long legs beauty Kong 燕姿 and Kongyao bamboo, I want to know how long their legs?
Spring to eat2010-03-07 11:19:07 +0000 #2
Kong Yan Song, claiming Kong Xiaosong, female, height 178 cm, Beijing University of Physical Education students, Mop 1st Leg. In March 2009 by User selected legs Championship, her best feature is to have a pair of very slender legs, her big hair in the network photos, User exclaimed: "This is too much for a long legs." Network search degrees, is also the first.

Kong Yan Song in 2008 at the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony on the field for as many of the staff and let the audience noted that she had a pair of slender legs, she has a series of photos is a crazy Forward User photos, legs over the body half, and very slender, almost no trace of extra fat, a lot of user said: "This is a dummy bar, too true of." Mop the mainland recently held legs contest, Kong Yan-song more live up to expectations, to rely on a large number of User support, was the first. User curiosity so that the student University of Physical Education also specializes in 400-meter track and field, she is a trace of legs Quemei muscle, "It's like the same as the two bamboo Zhuangshang Qu, too strange."

Full Name Kong Yan Song

School Beijing Sports University

the national professional journalism and political outlook of members Han

Birthday January 5, 1988 Birthplace Beijing

554 sub-scores admitted to the Beijing Sports University

into the school date is 2007!

117CM (starting from the navel volume)

Chinese name: Kong Yan Song

alias: Kong Xiaosong (claim)

Date of birth: 1988

Blood type: B-type

Height: 175CM

Weight: 48KG (to be verified)

leg length: 117CM (from the starting amount of navel)

current residence: Beijing

Hobbies: non-mainstream style, self-timer



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