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Playing basketball what position I play

kzl8978654912010-03-07 14:11:40 +0000 #1
I am now 16 years old, height about 161, weight 54kg or so, is characterized by the shoulder to be much wider than the common people, I am more suited to play what position? !
qiaochenmd2010-03-07 14:17:33 +0000 #2
can only become the point guard because of your lack of height is difficult to have in place a major breakthrough, but guard the whole system, the most active in basketball is the most important position in your body then you should be more robust main highlight the advantages of multi-practice your free throws a pass break space jumper back weaker, if the other party can take back to play the way mark so you'll have a little more practice to play back the footsteps of other good luck
w6535623492010-03-07 14:28:16 +0000 #3
point guard, your body body is not high or Zhuang! Moreover, I do not know what you will! Your body can only do it to determine strategy!
846,170,0562010-03-07 15:27:05 +0000 #4
point guard or shooting guard! There is a reason, for the lack of height and weight Louzhu you, so do not think about the center and power forward and small forward against you will be very lose. On the left point guard and shooting guard, do you rate this figure should be good, as long as you exercise to strengthen and speed of the ball bouncing shot and so on, you will become a very good defender, fueling bar
yearn18602010-03-07 14:46:54 +0000 #5
your height specifies that only the can play point guard of the -

center you are tall enough - can not grab me at the Blue Plate ......
Wenting2010-03-07 15:02:49 +0000 #6
point guard
Ben Xiaohai 762010-03-07 15:39:40 +0000 #7
place a great2010-03-07 16:39:13 +0000 #8
Learning Baron Davis hit back, and control bits.
lulei89212010-03-07 17:32:55 +0000 #9
With your height to see for defender.
Gold Storyteller guy2010-03-07 18:17:02 +0000 #10
play goalkeeper bar.
Sword-eup Fengcheng Main2010-03-07 17:09:57 +0000 #11
Louzhu like to attack? According to their own liking, you can 1,2, sign bit bar. That is, the point guard or shooting guard.



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