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Easy to match well?

Falling _20092010-03-07 17:10:40 +0000 #1
I am a student and would like to be a part-time. Earn a little money.
QQ873031812010-03-07 17:18:38 +0000 #2
Louzhu Hello, I'm easy to match agent, personally believe that a good software, easy to match, and is currently on the market the longest running on an automatic recharging of the software,

can be Taobao, pat, there are ah 3 Shop to provide automatic recharging, simply open the automatic recharging software, the system will automatically leave our customers the number of recharging the specific process is:

photographed Baby - payments to pay for treasure - Result Software Automatic Delivery - automatically extract phone number Result - Customers receive Hua Fei - Confirmation of praise,

the whole process, without human duty, all of the computer automation,

easy to match the advantages of fast-charge operating system,

1. system is running stable, voucher success rate is high

2. Result a wide area, 30 yuan face value of the country rechargeable, regardless of brand, and the small face value of Result is also full,

3. Result fast, usually 1-3 minutes arrived, to

4. Software License flexible, there are 30 yuan / month, 70 yuan / quarter ┅ ┅ 300 Yuan for life

5. multi-site operations: Do not restrict the use of locations, home and installed a months, the unit installed a convenience for your operation

6.'s support for large companies to 65% of software sales commission incentives to help agents start to provide a full tutorial, so that novice to master quickly, providing the Shop Baby data, to make your shop a few minutes and you can get ┅ ┅

want to know more friends can wang me: never give up cjw, buttoning a shirt is my user name.
bigfacemiao2010-03-07 17:55:19 +0000 #3
I am also a student has done a little easy game for some time making a point of

easy to match the software Advantages:

we all know! - Easy game software is a very strong stability of the old models software,

previous year, an area the price is 109 yuan, the country needs more than 4000 software investments,

but now a comprehensive sales model changes, the same service only 300 yuan and quality of life can enjoy the right to use!

Fast chips, software installation are relatively simple, suitable for novice computer knowledge or are not familiar with the owner to use!

Huafei denominations as small as 1 yuan refill, is a web other software can not be achieved.

Software performance and market positioning, the right novice to open prepaid recharge shop is more focused.

Software available for more than selective, the same software, the same function, respectively, at different times to support the mandate of some of the software are used for life,

software in this paragraph, respectively: one month / three months / six months / one year / lifetime license!

Software runs very stable: easy race after two years of operation to achieve the currently running the most stable,

Result highest success rate of automatic recharging platform for two years, the results are there for all to see

a set of software Taobao, shoot film shops can be fully automated. The whole network the only one! !

Support N months Taobao and patted account "to open other accounts additional charges" have automatic R & D ah.

Multi-site operations: Do not restrict the use of locations, home, install a unit installed a convenience for your operation

software upgrade will continue to improve, to provide technical support!

I want to communicate Wang Wang bigfacemiao
6196331502010-03-07 17:58:00 +0000 #4
Result virtualization software is now a fire, you can bind to Taobao shop, for others, automatic recharging, Lee very thin, is a good way to long reputation, and sell this software has a 130 yuan a commission, I am also involved in this profession to do more than a long time. Shop is now open so many people will certainly earn a lot of money, as to be able to fully see how much money to promote their own carefully.

I am now is the Czech ETS Result proxy software, spent 300 yuan, which is the official uniform price, you can Result Unicom, the country's mobile telecommunications and other costs, but also to others charge Q coins are automatic recharging, without human duty. If you have a need to do so you can come to me

Baidu know the name is my QQ, can come to consult me, and do not want to do so can also be to make friends - Excuse me -



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