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I would like to improve the basketball shooting. . Thank you,

suweijie42010-03-07 18:10:40 +0000 #1
I am 1 meter 7. Vertical jump to touch the basket. Do not know why do you always mention is not on my hit rate. I'm not a will dribble. But I was a sprint athlete. I have gained is speed. I am fit to play what position? Thank you,
zcflhz1262010-03-07 18:16:15 +0000 #2
3 kinds of training methods: one week of your shots to reach 40% absolute.

1, third line, the blue circle on both sides, the middle of a circle, and then in the middle and on both sides of the middle ring in Canada 2. Just started standing shot, but it is important that you grip the ball posture must be correct, and if not correct, even if the training you die, you are generally. From left are, from the Friends of the to-left. Familiar with the upgraded, the jumper, followed by the same as above.

2, beyond the arc, draw five circles in the same location and three-point line, investment law is the same.

3, changing action and posture, three-step layup, STOP jumper, or in-line option beyond the arc. Then friends and confrontation, contact dribble, straining to practice then half a month, keep your eyes to attract girls.哈哈.
ubani2010-03-07 18:26:34 +0000 #3

you're a second class disability know?
edisoncici232010-03-07 18:47:00 +0000 #4
You make a swing man bar! 'll Tell you a method of training for our school team in a running jump shot the ball much faster is better not to have stalled choose their own 5-point shooting the ball quickly and then these skilled people and you begin to fight a two-point line in the vicinity of anti - you are waiting for you after a one-third of the line that in the basket against you! This confrontation can improve your shooting and physical fitness! In this way the effect will be to practice a month ago so I came out playing very fast results to mention!
panyuxuanwudi2010-03-07 18:29:55 +0000 #5
more practicing bar.

can not be one to eat is a fat man

Improving Basketball shooting so simple, why do cows playing basketball B which had a few?

Do not think that you are at the end of basketball shooting exercises every day, in fact no

someone practicing a natural high just look at you have perseverance, just like the feel




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