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Basketball Defensive problems when moving

q1231815222010-03-07 18:10:54 +0000 #1
people who have been running with the ball, and I can hand to withstand his 45-degree angle cut into the do? If not, can I speed up the personnel to run the ball in front of the seat with the body block each other's offense? If the above are not OK, then how can defend those who have accelerated in person?
shadow198711232010-03-07 18:13:37 +0000 #2
This is a problem on the defensive, description is not clear enough to discuss the situation we are heading:

In the whistled for a foul or not, when a very important criterion is to see whether the loss of defensive position, dribbling people have In the running, if one refers to the loss of defensive position, then we are almost all the common actions that can be whistled for defensive fouls. To determine whether the loss of spaces mainly to see your focus is not in between the offensive and the basket, if it is, then there is no loss of position, if not, it is missing bits.

In the absence of loss-bit circumstances, it can withstand the attack of the single hand-side approach to defense, but if there is forward movement, that is the focus of your inclination to attack humans, or pushing people movements, or both hands are Action should be the top by pushing personal foul penalty.

So, we say that the key lies not in defense but in the hands feet, one is that the pace must move quickly, their feet Station to take some defensive area, an active defense with the split step to adjust the distance, there is one that controls the whole person center of gravity, center of gravity in the eyes of referees is very important, defensive and offensive, we often say that the cylinder is the core of the principle of a person's center of gravity, the legitimate defense needs a stable center of gravity.

In the case of the industry had its place, according to Lou Zhu's statements should be the case. General board can only be taken at the tactical foul tactics, or make up defense, help defense and that from the weak side of the teammates to help defend, guilty of the rules is to enable the opponents do not pass the score to find self-confidence and smooth feel.

In the case of bits have been lost in general is very difficult to accelerate the ball to go in front of people, because he first acceleration, so the speed should be faster than you. And if you do the speed faster than him, and within a short distance ahead of him, it's difficult to make an effective defensive posture: feet touch the ground for the offensive players and maintain their center of gravity. If you are able to complete a course, you can do defensively.

Final point is that a missing bit is equivalent to a failure on the defensive, you can be remedied through the defense or a foul, but the offensive side can also assists the weak side of the coordinate teammates score (because at this time defense system has a loophole Anti-complement is equivalent to another offensive player of the leakage prevention) or at the free-throw line to get points. So, good defensive player should make an effort not to lose bits.

Hope my answers to help you.
hermit888882010-03-07 18:43:24 +0000 #3
You can use one hand anti-lived. Even if the foul with both hands. If you block the other side are generally defensive foul you. If you want to keep pace with Jiugen defense kept up with the basket on the other person time to look for opportunities to benefit from the back blocks.
zj3960916382010-03-07 18:35:34 +0000 #4
In fact, the above can be, but if you want to build the first of a foul can not be used

the first part of blocking.



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