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xiaoy0082010-03-07 19:10:50 +0000 #1
I really like basketball but does not play ball are easy to throw with a super-rookie but he's very like basketball mainly physical in general I prefer to dunk a relatively small height of 180 hand-in-situ jumping 60 Mogao 2 m 9 to 3 meters is not very good coordination, regular physical exercise, but more developed there is room for improvement can I do jumping exercises have never been and my leg muscles for what position the place from what it would like to start basketball practice hard to prepare the yard lanes and alleys a street blue baskets do not know how high get good long time too short can be deducted an estimated given the high broken help out
Dong source2010-03-07 19:18:34 +0000 #2
skipping physical exercise every day coordination, and sensitivity, you are because of physical exercise is well developed, while playing one less, so coordination is poor, dribbling the ball easy to throw around on a daily basis-point line to run, finish plus a turn running the ball back in the changing hands, so that his hands were practicing, and dunk Even if, you still playing the height in the normal line on the golf course really not enough, I suggest you play small forward, power forward up to more practice-STOP jumper, back body singles, dumped, basic skills, of course can not be abandoned, For example fixed-point shooting, hit ground ball, fast-break layup, etc., and the family basket of like the normal, and do not always want to dunk, which must be practicing, I wish you good luck ah, fueling!
376,624,3322010-03-07 19:25:20 +0000 #3
should not have upgraded Louzhu you even think about what the basket button, you have brought good even dunk the ball! Depressed, first ball Enhancing then we'll talk! Ball is the most basic basketball, and you even the most basic things are not to lay still learning dunk, multi-exercise bar
dadaily2010-03-07 20:04:50 +0000 #4
Hello, I think you need to know some basic knowledge. Standard basket height is 3 m 05, if you want to dunk Mogao 20 should be 3 meters or so, note that I said is that deduction, if reluctantly put the ball into them, 3 m 10 is enough, and more importantly, more demand for coordinated dunk sex, rhythm is the key, the need for hard exercise, it is recommended an 2.9 meters of a basket only did dunk for practice, do not go shooting! Bounce issues, you can do another week, the thigh, calf muscle training, particularly in calves, was also suggested that the small muscle groups with the knee joint training in order to protect the knee. I arranged for my students the amount is not large, because they were all high school students, because they do not know your age, it is difficult to determine freely the training, there is a ball of practice, which is a long process, I always students said, like inner strength, very slow, but if you excel at a very good ball, we mean to master 啦. Way to do that, mainly through a combination of ball exercises, you can find about the Internet, focusing on upholding! ! !
lilingsad2010-03-07 20:52:34 +0000 #5
Oh, I'll answer it: training ball (to talk about my experience bar) were always run with the ball, empty on the belt, changing direction, try to keep palms touch the ball, so later you can kick down a The palm of the hand game, not dirty, then your point technology also reluctantly 啦

... but have to stick by what you said, your leg muscles not undergone the training, I suggest buying LZ sandbags tied to the right 2.5KG legs, many times, practice squatting, LZ's physically strong, then you can do a 150,. Squat when you should pay attention to heel Buzhao, the more obvious effect of such a practice, you can also practice must adhere to the body balance ... oh ...

As for the basket, if you want to practice dunking, then you put it on the proposed security to your jump Mo 5cm below the high office, so that you can also just button that without deduction rotten basket of ... 呵呵

to adopt me yo!



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