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Kobe Bryant and Kevin Garnett who is superior?

non-dipper water Guo2010-03-07 22:11:43 +0000 #1
Are the nba's boss, the Celtics get championship than the Lakers want more, I feel that Kobe is better than Garnett popular. Why? Please give us a reason
Datong DeFans2010-03-07 22:16:41 +0000 #2
Personal likes KG because KG did not say KOBE how strong the person you do not look back at Garnett Garnett was a time when

in the league who would dare to processing within the special than the leaders? As long as Garnett has been playing the same as the spiritual pillar of teammate

but Garnett is the only a handful in this league a few bits from the No. 1 hit on the 5th place

not to mention the players will not play Kevin Garnett point guard Kevin Garnett played his watch videos, and playing well

but Garnett became the Hulk, when the time did not want to Minnesota so young, but the Green Giant or by Garnett in that supports hard as leaders, like the soul of what we have to say Garnett is not qualified to do

the other hand Kobe the great good that his technique is very good, but he can do with others than the board he would like Garnett wanted to play as a force in a moisture

Speaking of the players do the hearts of popularity in China is like an endless stream of people like Kobe a lot of people like the Emperor in the United States, like

just outside people's attention only score in this reminds me of the saying: people will be able to control rebounds dominate the whole audience

These are my personal point of view Bryant's fans not to spray ah thank you
Night Avenue2010-03-07 22:42:31 +0000 #3
different locations of people, there is no comparable ah
fabu0072010-03-07 22:31:28 +0000 #4
Kobe 呀!

Peter Pan's ability to be called a must! ! ! ! ! !
Bu_sy_2010-03-07 22:42:24 +0000 #5
do not explain
BUJINYUN32010-03-07 22:48:19 +0000 #6
Kobe Bryant of course.

At the technical level, the Bryant-round

spiritual level, Bryant higher morale.

Leadership ability, the Kobe Bryant is more willing to take.
Lawrence of East Brother2010-03-08 00:06:40 +0000 #7
Kobe Bryant and Kevin Garnett are different locations, and Bryant is a shooting guard, power forward Kevin Garnett, and, Kevin Garnett in Boston is only one championship ring, he is not a club was the greatest man, the greatest is the bird Larribau too, why Bryant's popularity high, this was because the Chinese fans, the most favorite team is the Lakers and Rockets, (Do not ask why, I do not know ) Most people are like to watch the Lakers game, the Lakers have a majority of fans in China, but headed the Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant is, of course, high popularity, but Bryant's technical movements are a spectator, it seems very pleasant, I shall reply finished, pure hand-fight, the adoption of it, thank you ...
caowang9452010-03-08 00:54:26 +0000 #8
KOBE of play, more straightforward point is that people's subjective consciousness is even more like the outside.



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