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Some people can help put 76 people in Wallace, Andre Iguodala and the Charlotte Bobcats for the next

﹎ ﹎ ぐ weeks 82010-03-08 05:10:20 +0000 #1
For example, scores dribble rebounds, etc.

thank you,
Elemental Druid2010-03-08 05:14:47 +0000 #2
dribble in roughly the same, but Wallace's defensive desire and technology is significantly higher than those Andre Iguodala much better, so this also made to his more comprehensive, especially the backboard, but personally feel that Andre Iguodala's ability to score much better than Wallace, because Wallace's pitching very well.
Caribbean Mangfu monkey2010-03-08 05:19:50 +0000 #3
fair to say that physical comparable, but acknowledged Andre Iguodala of the upper very strong.

Dribble a small AI better than GW, in this respect Wallace is still somewhat rough.

Offensive side, the small AI means richer, the long shot AI much better than GW.

Defensive end personally think GW should be better, no matter from consciousness, technology and attitude I think that Wallace better, blocks steals all of his strength, (ps: Snapshots of his head hit the board in blocks .. .) deliberately stepped up this year defensively, to 2.01m in height rebounds in the first three ranks in recent years it is still rare. AI's defense law-abiding bar

personal opinion is for reference only

Thank you

add: First, I do not think the rockets which were both transferred.

True to say that together, this would need a rocket such as the AI can be a stable inside-outside scorer. Because, although Wallace had defensive, but it does not solve the problem of insufficient height of the rocket inside.



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